Tartan Whispers Autumn…Can You Hear It?

I’ve Loved Tartans Forever.

Probably My Scottish Roots.

Carrying the Name “Cameron”, I Suspect All that Dyed/Woven Crisscross Pattern is in My Blood.

But No Matter.  I am Proud to Wear it.

The Traditional Cameron Tartan is Red/Green/Yellow.  A Little Different and Fun.

Cameron Clan Modern

I Understand the Cameron Clan was anything but Fun.  They were Fierce Warriors.  Maybe So.

They Still Do Battle Within Me.  Mixed with the Italian Side…oh my…that’s some wild battling. 🙂

So with the First Hints of Cool when the Leaves are about to Attend the Fancy Dress Ball…

I Lust for Tartan.

Nothing Says Autumn like a Good Tartan.  Don’t You Think?

Forge On.  With Little Time to Spare.  New Autumn Attire Created in a Morning.

Clear the Dining Table.  Man the Sewing Machine.

This Year, I found a beautiful rich Tartan in Muted Gold, Red and Blue.

4 Yards.  A Wild Sewing Spree.  And Out Shoots a Skirt, Scarf and Shawl.

Clansmen Magic.

Then We’re Off to the Hiking Trail to Capture All the Colors of Autumn.

In Most Appropriate Autumn Camouflage.

This Pattern is Simple and Super Easy.  4 Pieces.  4 Seams.  Elastic Waist.


Some Snips.   A Bit of Navigating to Match the Pattern.   Sew the Seams.

Falling Fabric Scraps like Falling Leaves.

We Don’t have a Minute to Spare.


The Scarf is Done in a Flash.  The Selvage is Already Fringed and Does Most of the Work.

I Want the Skirt to Drape like the Curves of a Pumpkin.  A Long Thin Pumpkin.  🙂

The Pattern Matches!  The Old Junior High Home Economics Teacher Would Be Proud.


Shocked, but Proud.

Elastic for the Waistband.  Pull Tight.  All Secure.  Done!

Now Off for the Walking Adventure.

There is a Nip in the Air.  Perfect for a New Wool Scarf.

The Girls Decide I Need to Do Modeling Poses.  Sitting on a Tree Stump.

Whoops…the side pattern doesn’t line up.  My Rush Job.

Mixed Up with Candid Shots.

And Plenty of Silliness.

The Water in the Irrigation Ditch is Full and Flowing Fast.

It’s Nice to Hear the Rush of Water and Feel the Last Warm Rays of Summer.

Everyone Gets to Try Out the Shawl.  This Time as a Blanket to Ward Off the Chill.

We Step Gingerly on the Bridge over the Spillway.  Surrounded by Cottonwoods.

There’s Always Time for Ballet Leaps.

And Balances.

Cottonwoods are the Last Ones to the Autumn Festival.

Big and Bold and True Drama Queens.

Ready to Take Tea with a Sometimes Drama Princess.

There are Pumpkins Waiting in a Farmer’s Field.

Still Hoping for Halloween Glory.

Tartan and Autumn.  Glorious.

And Golden Magic Together.

Is There Tartan in Your Future?



13 thoughts on “Tartan Whispers Autumn…Can You Hear It?

  1. Hi Jeanie…yes, a beautiful day…I love that they are usually up for any of my crazy ideas…I like to call them adventures. Thanks for sharing the day with us. 🙂

  2. Thanks Calen…this fabric really does feel as good as it looks…of course initially I was so delighted that I matched the pattern until I saw the photos…guess I didn’t do such a great job after all…so much for classic dressmaker detailing. But it was created in a hot minute so I’ll take it. 🙂

  3. Jeanie, I love tartan too… I have a Scottish background from my grandmothers side, she was a Sinclair… I had a great tartan skirt I wore for many years… I am going to have to look for a new one to replace it. They are so great for the fall and winter xox Yours turned out great!

    Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving me such a nice comment xox

  4. I do hope there’s tartan in my future. Actually, it was just in my recent past. Spent a week in the Scottish Highlands at the beginning of the month and saw some very special tartans on The Orkneys. Incredible. And may I say, I am more than impressed with your sewing skill. I look at a sewing needle and it breaks. Thankfully, my daughter loves to sew and I can go to her when a button falls off.

    1. Hi Kelly – oowoo…a week in the Scottish Highlands sounds lovely…it is stunning to be sure. And thank you for your kind words on my sewing by the seat of my pants projects..I’m always amazed at the finished product (!)

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