When Autumn Comes Knocking, Just Stain It

The Summer Heat has Blown Through.  Finally.

Hello Autumn in All Your Pinky Orange Hot Air Balloon Glory.

So Glad You’re Here.

My Plan is to Do a Little Sprucing Up to Enhance the Autumn Glow.

On a Quiet Sunday Morning We Take Stock of Mini-DIY Autumn Projects that can be done in a Flash.

And Then Shop the Shed.

Paint.  High Gloss Black.     And Stain.  Cherry.

Just Enough for Two Projects.   The Front Door and the Dining Room Table Top.

The Front Door Will be Transformed from Faded Red to Glossy Black.


This Door should really be replaced.  It’s warped and old and very tired.  But No Room in the Budget and It Needs a Lift Now.

Paint from the Shed.  Perfect.

So Here’s My DIY Multitasking Plan.  One Morning.  Two Autumn Makeovers.

For the Ultimate in Multitasking, I will Tackle Painting the Door and the Girls will Sand the Table.

They are Thrilled to be Involved.  No, Really, they are.  They Quickly Get to Work.

I am Pretty Sure I Explained that They Will SAND and PREP the Table.

I Will Finish by APPLYING the STAIN.

As I Paint the Front Door, I think I hear this dialog from the Kitchen…

“I Can Open the Can.  I’ll Use a Knife.”


No Blood.  Not Exactly.


The Stain is Everywhere.  I Can’t Believe What I’m Seeing.

No Photos of the Disaster.  No Time for Tears.

Just All Hands on Deck for Wiping.

Did You Know Cherry Stain Wipes Up Clean if Tackled Quickly?

Disaster Averted.  🙂

The Girls Move On to Do Origami While I Salvage the Remaining Stain to Apply to the Table.

Their Sanding Job is Good.  The Stain goes on Smoothly.

Two Projects in a Flash.  Multitasking Masterpieces.

Ahh…BUT…I Forget about the CAT!

  Miss Fancy Pants is Smart and Loves a New Challenge.

More Screams…CAT ON THE TABLE!!!

As Quickly as the Cat Hops Up…She Hops Off and Runs…Spreading Wet Cherry Paw Prints Over the Wood Floors.

No Photos of This Either.

Did You Know that Cherry Stain Cat Paw Prints Wipe Up Clean if Caught Quickly?

There’s a Lesson Here.  I Think.  But I’m Sure I Haven’t Learned it Yet.

Ahhh…The Many Adventures of Getting Ready for Autumn.

With My Crazy One Day Let’s Do This in a Flash Projects.

Oh Look.  There’s Still Time to Bake Moody Mad Dog Pumpkin Pick Cupcakes.

Try Saying That 3-Times Fast.

Always Better When Filled with Magic.

Any Hello Autumn Projects in Your Future?


9 thoughts on “When Autumn Comes Knocking, Just Stain It

  1. The cat would be the last straw! I can so see that happening here. Did the stain come off the cat? I have visions of her licking herself into a very bad stain illness, so I hope it did.

    A huge project and good for you tackling it. The lesson here? Have those wipes handy for the just in case. I have to say the end result looks great and so do those delish cupcakes and cute Halloween arrangements!

  2. Yep. A quick trip to Hobby Lobby where all the autumn decorations are 40% off. I chucked my old ones and blew $100 on all new stuff which is now adorning everything from the piano to the china hutch. Plus pumpkin bread from scratch is on the list to bake. Only time of year I make it.

  3. A fun post, Jeanne – although I’m trying hard not to laugh at your many disasters. Honest. 😀 All in a day’s work, as they say. Your cupcakes look scrummy and I bet they didn’t last for long!

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