I’d Love to Draw You

3 Minutes.

Take a Seat.

Look at Me.

I Always Begin with the Eyes.

Windows to the Soul.

If I Get the Eyes, I Capture the Whole Person.

In Black Marker on White Paper.

Colored Markers for the Zing.



And So It Went.

4 Hours.  Non-Stop.

A School Fundraiser.  The Fall Festival.

Drawing is Part of Me.  It is Who I am.  It is What I do without Thinking.

A Gift.

For 4 Hours My Crazy World Slowed Down.  I Had Time to Catch My Breath.

I Found the Zone.  I Was At Peace.  Just Drawing.

Over and Over and Over.

Drawing Kids.  Kids in Costumes.  Kids being Kids.

Their Innocence was Overwhelming.

I Looked into their Eyes and Saw Their Sweet Souls.

I Really Did.

I Was Transfixed.  In Awe.

I Looked at Them, While They Watched Me.

Their Parents Watched Too.

I was drawing.  They watched my hand put lines on the paper.

Then a Child Appeared on the Paper.

Sparkly Eyes of Parents and Kids.  Wide Smiles.  Thank You.  Thank You.

The Little Booth with the Tree Branches and Trick-Or-Treat Banner was a Calm in the Storm.

Even with Monster Mash Blaring at the Cake Walk One Booth Over From Me, I was not Distracted.

The Little Caricature Booth was Magical.

I Didn’t Expect this Reaction.  I Didn’t Think We’d Get Many Takers.

How Could I Compete with the Haunted House or the Duck Pond?

But with a Few Strokes, Tiny Babies, Elementary Kids, Mid-Schoolers, Even Parents appeared on the Paper.

And with Each Stroke, I Filled My Soul by Filling Theirs.

I am Thankful for this Gift.

This Gift of Magic.


It went so quickly there was no break for a Video…This Silly Clip will Have to Do.  🙂

Draw Love Notes for the Lunch Box.

Happy November!




7 thoughts on “I’d Love to Draw You

  1. I’m always glad when you get to do something at which you excel – as Ralph Kramden used to tell Alice, ” You’re the best”

  2. I never got any drawing ability… My mom was an artist and my sisters had a great deal of her talent… I fell in love with writing ♡ it’s so great that you have so many talents xox

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