Holiday Skirt DIY Flash Sew

Opening Night of The Nutcracker Ballet.

You are Scheduled to Sell Nutcrackers at the Ballet Guild Table.

But Oh Dear, You Have Nothing Sparkly and Enchanting to Wear.

And It’s 4 Hours to Showtime.

Don’t Despair.  I’ve Got You Covered.

Literally.  In Gold and Tulle.

The Fabric is Gold Thread on Black Tulle.  Sheer with a Scallop Hem.  2 Yards.  From Joann’s.

Cost:  $20

Follow Along on the DIY to Create Your Short, Kicky Fancy Skirt.

Super Sonic Fast and Easy.  30 Minutes Start to Finish.

Keep the Fabric Folded in Half.  2 Yards Makes a Full Skirt.

Sew the Cut Ends.  French Seams Up the Dressmaker Look.

This is the Back Seam of the Skirt.  You’ve created a Glittery Tulle Tube.

Doubling the Fabric Makes the Skirt Less Sheer.

The Scallop Edge is the Hem.

Take a Quick Green Tea Break.  You’ve Got this.

Fold Over the Top…Just a Bit…Just Enough to thread a Thin Elastic for the Waistband.

Done.  Yes.  Really.

Hang to Get All the Wrinkles Out.

Add a Velvet Top.  Back Velvet Bow Closure.

Yes.  The Skirt is Sheer.  Black Leggings Keep It All Together.  Cozy without Undies Showing.

Whoops.  Gotta Run.  No Time for a Finished How-Do -I-Look Photo…

Hello Nutcrackers!

Love the Ballerinas.

You Will Shine as Brightly as the Sugar Plum Fairy.  For About the Same Price.

Enjoy the Magic.  🙂

7 thoughts on “Holiday Skirt DIY Flash Sew

  1. Yes…lovely, but I couldn’t stop myself from checking the back seam to make sure the skirt was all still together…that’s how fast this one went. Silly, I know. 🙂

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