On to a Beginning

What’s One of the Best Things about the End of the Year?

A Shot at a New Beginning.

I’m Not Going to Gloss Over This Next Statement.  2017 was Tough.

Crazy Tough.

But I Wouldn’t Change Anything, Even if I Could, because We Have Learned and Grown and Come Together.

Sometimes Kicking and Screaming and Getting Angry with the Universe.

But Together.  Gaining Strength from Each Other and So Much Better than When We Began this Saga.

And Happily Welcoming a Brand Spanking New Year.

As a Farewell to 2017, a Fun Photographic Essay of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

New Mexico Style.

Christmas Eve.

Laguna Posole.  Hominy.  Red Chile.  Garlic.  Pork.  Simple Comfort Food.

Mixing Mild and Hot Red Chile for All to Enjoy.

Cook until the Hominy Pops.  Then Add the Red Chile.

Serve Steaming Hot in Deep Bowls.  With Crispy Italian Bread…or Tortillas.

Fixings for Antipasto.

Shrimp.  A Crowd Favorite.

No Bake Ice Cream Pie.  Easy and Delicious.

Add Haagen Dazs Chunks for a Surprise.

Top with Cool Whip.

We Had Time to Bake Sugar Cookies.  But I Forgot to Sprinkle on the Colored Sugar.

Plain Jane Cookies are Still Delicious.

Christmas Eve Table Set with Santa at the Helm.

Swirling Table Skaters.  Add Snow Sparkle Inside that We Don’t Have Outside.

Hanging Holly Swags from the Chandelier.

Christmas the Elf waited for a Ride back to the Pole.

I’m Glad She Made an Appearance this Year…we welcomed her Magic.

Luminarias.  Ready to Set Out on Christmas Eve.

Tiny Paper Sacks Filled with Sand and a Candle.

To Guide the Way Home.

Christmas Day.  This Year…Italian.

Buca di Beppo.  Thank you. 🙂

Spaghetti and Meat Balls.

Stuffed Shells.

Shrimp Florentine.

And After a Long Winter’s Nap.  Back in the Tower that Touches the Sky.

A Short Sprint of Work, Quietly Nestled Between the Holidays.

Still 60 Degrees Here and No Snow.  A “San Diego” Christmas.  I’ll Take It.

Wishing You a Joyous New Beginning Filled with Good Health and Happiness.

I’ve Loved Sharing This Journey with You.


6 thoughts on “On to a Beginning

  1. I’m so hungry after reading this. Did you cook all that good stuff? And the dessert, shame on you! But most of all, thanks for sharing the true spirit of Christmas in your own special, inimitable way! And thanks for the Christmas card!

  2. I know this has been such a wretched year but I also know you have taught us all about coping with a bad situation in a good way, with love and support and finding the joy where you can, being a family. Being together and making fun when other fun had been planned. I admire you and your Team Doodle so very much for this and I only can hope that if/when I find myself in a similar situation that I have your strength, courage, determination and yes, grand ability to find great joy. Many good wishes for 2018.

    1. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and love…I will be sure to share this with my family. Here’s to a beautiful, happy and healthy new year for us all.

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