Over the River and Through the Woods…

Colorado-bound.  Traveling to Visit Family for Thanksgiving.

Our First Venture of 2017 after the Craziness of Hospitals and Infusions and Home Nurse Visits.

We Have So Much to be Thankful For.

I know this Post is Late.  Very Late.  I’m Tired.  Work is Stressful and Busy.

The Girls have School and Ballet.  Mr. Doodle has a New Job.  Nutcracker Looms Ahead.

Yes.  It’s Called Life.

And I Strive to Appreciate Every Minute of It.  Experiencing Intense Scary Medical Stuff does that.

But there’s a Silver Lining.  Coming Together for Strength and With Hope.

So I Wanted to Take a Moment to Remember our delightful jaunt to Colorado and Family.

And to Herald the Beginning of the Holidays.

Planning and Phone Calls and Lots of Lists….Our Part was Appetizers and Desserts and Drinks

We Cooked My New England Take on Carrots…Steamed with Butter, Brown Sugar and Maple Syrup.


Packed in a Cooler for the 3-Hour Journey.


The Girls Baked Pumpkin Spice Muffins.  Speedy Quick.

Filling Tiny Bundt Pans and Cupcake Tins.

Ready to Go Sprinkled with Sugar.

And Gooey Rich Chocolate Brownies.

Topped with Sugar Soft as Snow.

Bags are Packed for the Thanksgiving Morn Drive.

The Mantle wears a Touch of Christmas. Candles and Tiny Trees Under Glass.

A Felted Reindeer Pillow Cozies up to the Pendleton.

Hallmark Movies are a Snap with Reindeer and Pendleton Snuggles.

On the Night Before Thanksgiving, Our Tradition is to Eat Chinese Food while We Cook.

Watching the Yule Log.  Did you Catch this?  So 1960s.  Love It!

Mongolian Beef with Rice.

Spring and Egg Rolls.

Kung Po Chicken with Noodles.

At the Crack of Dawn Thanksgiving Morning, Our Elf Returns.  Mom, I Knew She’d Come (!)

This Year She is Flying with Three Reindeer.

Rocking a Jingle Bells Rock Hoody and Headphones.  Mr. Doodle shopped Amazon(!)

She Sprinkles Magic Everywhere.

We Love the Magic.

I Hope You Had a Magical Start to the Holidays.  I Think We All Agree it has been Quite the Year.  🙂

5 thoughts on “Over the River and Through the Woods…

  1. I’ve missed you! All one has to do is read your blogs to know how busy you guys are. Wonderful blog. Wonderful family! Wonderful food! I think the thing I love most about you all is your wonderful sense of tradition! Happy holidays!

  2. You are so, so right. When you are faced with illness and challenge and holidays and more — well, we are tired. But we do it because we have to savor every single second. Your traditions are wonderful and I love every single photo. They speak of such love. (I had to laugh with Happy Yule Log — Happy the Dog looks like my old Jack Russell, Jack, and Happy the Cat is a dead ringer for Gypsy, so it’s like my pets have come home for the holidays. Lizzie and I sit there and watch. Sometimes there’s not enough action for her, but every now and then she gets excited! Me, too!)

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