Rocky Mountain Shopping…No Hiking Boots Needed.

Have you Experienced Durango, Colorado?

As a Forever Beach Lover, I’m not a big Mountain Aficionado, but Durango is Breathtakingly Beautiful.

Durango is a tiny city in the Rocky Mountains of Southwest Colorado on the New Mexico Border.   A Hop, Skip and Jump for Us.  The Animas River and the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad cut through the center.  At 6,500 feet elevation, the air is thin but the sky is close.  Main Street Durango is filled with Gift Shoppes, Coffee Houses and Recreational/Medicinal Marijuana Stores.

Pot is Legal in Colorado and the State is Reaping the Benefits.

Rocky Mountain High Got Its Start Here.  Hmmm.

Right Now, Durango is having Perfect San Diego Weather…65 degrees and sunny.

Not a snowflake in sight which actually is a bit disconcerting for Durango in December.

But Perfectly Lovely for Holiday Gift Shopping on Main Street.

Are You Game?

Oh Good…Let’s Go Shopping.

We’ll Start Here at the Durango Train Depot and Work Our Way Up the Hill.

Drink in the Blue Skies with a Spot of Hot Chocolate or Coffee.

First Stop.  Overland Sheepskin Company.  Western Wear.  Luscious Leathers and Furs.

Overland has online shopping.  Of course they do. 🙂

But Touching is Always the Best Way to Shop.

Buffalo and Cowhide Rugs.  Delicious.

 Love the Loden Green of these Men’s Shoes.

Here’s a New Shoppe on Main that Dazzles.  Joyful Nook Gallery.

Wonderful Vintage Christmas Papers and Cards.

And Wood Puzzles.  Designed and Created on Site.  Stunning but Pricey…$198/each.

Let’s Sit a Spell and Create Some Wonder.


This Victorian Wood Cut House with the See-Through Windows Drew Me In.

Adding a Snowman for the Front Yard is just right.

For Some, Candy is Serious Business.

With Overwhelming Choices.

Window Shopping Foxes Blink Hello.

Listen for the Angel Whispers from an Art Gallery Counter.

If you need a Laser Cut Elk Lamp or Copper Bells or Cowhide Stools with Curvy Legs and Hoofs…

Durango has You Covered.

Fort Lewis College in Durango Performs The Nutcracker.  Maybe Next Trip.

This Window Dressed in White Paper is Enchanting.  The Train Rides Along the Track.

Simply Magical.

Goofy Wine Bottle Hat and Sweater Sets.  If You Have an Elf, these Sets are a Perfect Fit.


Tippy Canoe.  Mountain Home Furnishings Go Trendy-Chic.

Durango has a Serious In-Town Bear Problem…But Not From these Tippy Canoe Rascals.

Wait.  Stop a Minute and Take a Peek Above the Store Fronts…

The Mountains are Always in Plain Sight.

Now this is a Quirky Must See…Old Colorado Vintage…Oh My!

The Dapper Shoppe Owner is a Hoot.  No…He didn’t Shoot the Caribou.

The Past Never Looked So Good.

Sadly, Shadows are Growing Long.  Time to Head Home.

Oh Wait…Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees, Wreaths and Garland at City Market Grocery.

The Evergreen Smells Herald the Season in Style.

We have just Enough Time to Get to the Train Depot to Ride the Polar Express.

Are you Coming?

I’ll Save You a Golden Ticket.

3 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Shopping…No Hiking Boots Needed.

  1. This looks like such a fabulous road trip. I’ve not been to Durango, either. I always pictured kind of a cowpoke town. It’s pretty upscale! Lots of lovely things in the shop, the 198 for a puzzle is a bit out of my league!

  2. Ha! Out of my league too, Jeanie…but the girls were absolutely captivated by the puzzles…the puzzles were nice, but oh my that price. Yes, Durango is a tiny, upscale mountain retreat. Fun. For sure. 🙂

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