Walking to Mexico…in Pajamas

Right About Now, I’m Wishing that We Could Hop on a Plane, Jump in a Jeep, or Float in a Boat to a Tropical Oasis for Vacation.

How About a Quick Trip to Mexico?

We Can Walk.  Leave on Your Pajamas.  No Passports Required.

We’re Off to El Mezquite Market.

Let’s Sing as We Go…

To Market.  To Market.  To Buy a Fat Pig.


Home Again.  Home Again.  Jiggety-Jig.

Just in Time for Christmas…Feliz Navidad.

The Market is Filled to Overflowing with Our Lady of Guadalupe (December 12 Saint Day)…

and Nativity Angels.

Baby Jesus.  Nino Dios Mediano.  Size Medium.  Wrapped, Sealed and Waiting.

An Old School Lunch Counter.   Enchiladas.  Tamales.  Menudo.  Maybe Next Trip.


Hanging from the Ceiling…Pinatas.  Every Shape and Style and Age Group.

Hello Cinderella.

Every Aisle is Enchanting.  Look.  Corn Chips…

Cozy Up To Saints…

Who Stand Tall Next to Household Goods.

A Washboard.  The Last One. Waiting for a Laundress.

The All-Important Garlic Press.

A Metate.  For Corn Grinding to Make Tortillas.

A Hand-Painted Stone Molcajete  Used to Make Guacamole.

I Need to Google a Recipe when We Return Home.

For this Excursion, We’re on a Mission for Tortillas.  The Tortilla Choices are Awe-inspiring.

Let’s Try the Home-Made Variety.

Don’t Miss the Freshest Mexican Fruits and Vegetables.

Corn in December.

Pineapples Bigger than Your Head.


Dark Green Chiles

Hot Sauces.  Hundreds.   In Varying Degrees of Hotness.

Granny’s Hot Chocolate.  My translation.  🙂

Very Fruity Drinks.

Chia Seed with Strawberry.  Interesting.

Coconut Water with Pulp or as a Milk Drink.

On Our Way Home…

Stop and Window Shop.

Sparkle Meets Tulle.

Walk Just a Bit Faster Past This Front Gate.  In English and Spanish.

Just Around the Corner.  Petroglyphs in a Side Yard.

A Quick Pose in the Brilliant Sun.  For the Travel-Log.

A Spiky Yucca.

Meets the Sea-Serpent Agave.

Growling Perros!  Big and Small.

Sing Out Loud and Clear…

To Market.  To Market.  To Buy a Fat Hog.

Home Again.  Home Again.  Jiggety-Jog.

Thanks for Traveling with Us.  With a Bit of Magic and a Song.

Just in Time to Make Guacamole.  Hand Me the Molcajete, Please.  And Pass the Chips.  🙂


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