And then there’s January

January.  Not One of the Top Ten Months of the Year.

It’s Long.  Cold.  Usually Grey.

The Glitter, Glitz and Lights of the Holidays are Done.

The Countdown to Spring Begins.

How Do You Breeze through January?

How About a Bike Ride?

Test Driving a Shiny New Christmas Model Might Quash January Blahs.

Bike Riding is Even Better as an Adventure with a Destination.

Take a Short Ride to an Outdoor Café.  With Fireside Dining to Ease the Chill.

Bundled Up Beneath a Canopy of Trees.  Under a Clear Blue Sky.

Sharing Sweet Pastries.  Almost Too Pretty to Eat.

 Short January Days are a Chance to Enjoy Long Afternoon Shadows.

While Soaking Up Soft Sunbeams.

I see January as a Waiting Game.

New Growth Waits for Spring.

A Moment Waiting By the Pond to Warm the Soul.

The Coop Quietly Waits for Spring Chickens.

Outside Waits for its Green.

And then in a Blink the Sun Slips Away.

Perfect Time for an Surprise Evening Celebration.  With King Cake.

And a King Cake Game with the Nativity People…

The January New Year Game.

Rather than Hiding the Baby in the King Cake, Pop All the Nativity People in a Bag.

Gently Give the Bag a Shake.

Pull a Figure from the Bag to Discover Your Wish for the New Year.

Mary – Your Year will be Filled with Love.

Joseph- Your Year will be One of Honor.

King – You will have Strength to Overcome All Obstacles.

Baby Jesus – You will have Hope and Strength and Love.

January.  A Good Time to Stay Close to Home.

Be Silly.  Stay Warm.  And Soak Up the Magic.

9 thoughts on “And then there’s January

    1. One of my Let’s Make Up a Game on the Fly deals…No one wanted to eat the cake, they just wanted to find the baby…so I added all the Nativity figures and came up with wonderful wishes for each one…no losers in this game. 🙂

    1. In years past, we’ve baked out own and it was good…this year we tried Costco…the cake was the biggest cake I’ve ever seen…sheet cake sized and heavy…and no one liked it…but the game was silly fun. 🙂

    1. Hi Calen…The history of this King Cake Game(?)…I made it up. 🙂 Well I improved on the original…King Cake is served on the Three Kings’ Day (January 6) or just before Ash Wednesday and Lent. The cake is a sweet bread that hides the Baby Jesus. Whoever gets the baby has good luck for the year and has to host next years’ King Cake Party. In our house, everyone wants to get the baby…by using the whole Nativity crowd everyone has a chance at winning…then to make it interesting I came up with the wishes. You are free to enhance the game and keep it going. 🙂

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