Blow Away Mundane Meals…Easy, Fast, Fun!

Sunday Morning.  Just You and Your Buddy.  Everyone Else is Still Asleep.

Forget the Ho Hum Eggs and Bacon.  Oatmeal is for the Work Week.  Let’s Do Italian Eggs!

Just like Mrs. Castorini in Moonstruck.

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Italian Bread and Eggs.

Place on a Hot Skillet.

Eggs Fit Snugly in the Centers.

Cook Any Style.

Fancy Silver.

Breakfast Italian Eggs and a Movie.  Amen.

Week Night Dinner.  Quick.  Easy.  Fun.

Meatball Boats!

Jumbo Pasta Shells.  Tomato Sauce.  Meatballs (frozen).  Mozzarella.  Ricotta.  Sheet Pan.

 Cook the Shells Al Dente.

Lightly cover a sheet pan with sauce.  Line up the shells like soldiers on the pan.  Pop in a meatball.

  Top with Sauce, Mozzarella, Ricotta.   Bake at 350 for 30 minutes or until everything is bubbly.


Add a Salad.

The Mini Chef.

Taco Roll.

This is Very Easy but Looks Fancy Schmancy.  A Big Hit Around Here.

2 Packages Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.  Ground Meat.  Shredded Cheese.  Salsa.  Taco Toppings.

Brown the Meat.

Unfurl the Roll Dough.

The “trick” is to place the large side of the triangle at the center of the ring.  Overlap the triangles.

Spoon on the Meat.  Sprinkle Cheese.

Fold the triangle points over to cover.  Cozy.

Bake 30 Minutes at 350 until the rolls are brown.

Add Taco Toppings.  Cheese.  Peppers.  Lettuce.  Salsa.


Set a Sunny Mexican Table.


Fancy, Right?!

Dessert Tops it All.  Hot Tea and a Treat!

In Tea Diffusers.  Sea Life Friends…Dolphin and a Manatee Host the Party.

And a Tiny Swirly Cake.

Magic. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Blow Away Mundane Meals…Easy, Fast, Fun!

  1. So now we are getting cooking lessons in addition to all the other inspirational ideas! Girl, you are a one woman Pinterest page! Rest assured I will be making the meatball shells sometime soon! And I love love your sunny Mexican tableware. Feel free to keep inspiring!

  2. Wow! That taco roll looks amazing! We eat a LOT of Mexican. I’m going to do that! Can you down size and make it with one can of crescent rolls? My only concern is there are a LOT of carbs in rolls.

    1. Hi Calen…I’m not sure about the one can, but I suppose so…it would just be much smaller…kinda cute, though. We were feeding 4 with leftovers for lunch boxes – the 2 cans was perfect.

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