Old Hands Young Hearts

This is a Marriage Straddling Two Centuries.

20 Years.  Second Marriages for both.  Spinning By in a Blink.

Ours is a Marriage of Baby Boomers.  Products of the Great Television Generation.

Boomers who Grew Up on Opposite Ends of the Country.

But Who Knew Each Other with the First Hello.

Laughing.  Loving.  Gaining Strength and Support from Each Other.

Traveling Together to the Ends of the Earth for Babies to Love.

Creating a Family.

20 Years in the Making.  Who Would Have Thought.

And this Christmas, a Gift of Diamonds on a Band of Gold to celebrate those 20 years.

Ready to Capture All the Hopes and Dreams to Come.

But What of These Old Hands.  And a Band So New.

Is it Silly?  Is it Sad?  Is it Just Not a Thing to Do?

A Sparkly New Band on Hands So Old?

Hands Wrinkled by Time.  Spotted by the Sun.

Hard Working Hands that Have Weathered Countless Storms.

Sometimes Quiet Hands that Comfort and Ease the Hurt.

Animated Hands.  Clapping Hands.  Saturday Morning Cleaning Hands.

Hands that Hold Steady and Firm.  Even When Unsure or Scared.

Hands that are Not Alone.  Hands that Easily Slip One inside the Other.

I Learned the Sparkly New Wedding Band was a Community Project.

First Selecting the Ring.  Then Wrapping it in Many Boxes to Hold On to the Suspense.

Hiding in a Safe Place.  Lots of Giggles.  Some Almost Slips of the Surprise.

On Christmas Morning, I Looked at the Faces of the People I Love.

Shiny Bright Smiles.  Christmas Smiles.  As Bright as the Diamonds of the Band.

And With Each Hug and Whisper of I Love You, I Realized the Secret.

A Shiny New Wedding Band on Hands of Old…Inside Lies a Heart Still Young and Free.

A Heart Loved by a Family.

And That’s the Best Part of All.




10 thoughts on “Old Hands Young Hearts

  1. I love this, more than I can say. It isn’t that the ring is beautiful, which it is. It is all the love that every one of those stones stands for. I suspect those two hands have held each other a lot in this past year. I send love your way and beautiful wishes for another 20 together.

  2. You are so blessed … your blog says it all. As usual, Ms Gypsy has expressed my thoughts exactly, so I will wish you a happy, happy anniversary and another 20! You and Mr Doodle do it so well! Wow, when I first met you, you were just dating. Time flies.

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