Decorate a Chandelier. Now it’s a Party!

I’m not very Crafty.

Perhaps because of No Time.  But sometimes a Quick, Down and Dirty Craft Pops in My Head and It Works.

Here’s One for the Spur of the Moment Party.

Or the Monthly Holiday Celebration.  Or Just Because.

This was Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

But have No Fear…Pi Day is Coming.  March 14.  3.14…(!)

Everything You Need, You Already Have on Hand.  Promise.

Begin with a Chandelier.  Ok.  Good.

Old Family Photo Christmas Cards or Copies of Photos.

String.  Hole Punch. Scissors.

That’s It.

For Valentine’s Day Crack of Dawn Festivities, I cut Hearts out of the Cards.

It was 5AM.  Done and Done in 30 Minutes.

One Tiny Hole Punch.  String the Hearts.  Loop to Hang.

Fun. Right?!

The Table is Dressed with Cute Bunnies.  Hearts and Bunnies Work.

Thank You Design Mom for the Tag Idea.  Donut Valentines.

TJ Maxx Gift Surprises…Hung at Each Chair.  Bags .99 each and reusable.

Filled with End of Season Winter Clothes for a Shot of New to a Tired Winter Wardrobe.

Ready to Get the Donuts.

You Guys Sure Do Love These Early Morning Bashes…

Donuts.  Too Pretty to Eat….certainly Too Sweet to Eat. 🙂

These Hearts Just Make Me Happy.

Flapping Over Each Winter Meal.


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