Downton Abbey’d

Downton Abbey’d.  Yes.  An Adverb.

I am consumed, entrenched and enthralled with Downton Abbey.

Oh My.  Almost to the point of Embarrassment, but Not Quite.

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Have You Seen It?  Oh, but of course you have.


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When It aired here in the States from 2010 to 2015, on Sunday Nights, I rarely got the chance to catch it.

Sunday Nights.  My Least Favorite Moment of the Week.  All Hands on Deck to Gear Up for the Work Week.

If I caught the beginning of Downton Abbey, I almost never made it to the end.


Sound Asleep.  On the Couch.


But All that is History.  Thank You…whatever television service we have at the moment  🙂

I have Full Access to All 6 Seasons.  Every Show.  Any Time I Wish.

My favorite viewing time is 5AM before the troops are up.  My Special Time.

I Know this is Binge Watching, but I Think I’ve taken Binge Watching to a New High.

This is My Opportunity to Touch History.  And it is Magical.



I began Downton Abbey with Mr. Doodle.  Every Evening after Lights Out for the Boops.

Sometimes 2-3 Shows in a Sitting.  Marathons.

We drank Tea and were thoroughly mesmerized with the sagas of both Upstairs and Down.

It was such a Treat.


With the Close of Season 6 and Lady Edith’s wedding, Mr. Doodle was Done.

I think I may have picked up a bit of an English Accent, he chuckled with a Wink.

But I am far from done.

This Time I don’t have to worry myself with how each character will fare.   I already know.

Now I can focus on the character development, the sets, the phrases, the accents, the glorious clothes and the history.

Julian Fellowes is a genius.  The creator, writer and executive producer of Downton.

I Take His Hand and History Swirls Around Me.


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And I am Even More Delighted with this Series the Second Time Round.


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Yes, it is rather Soap Opera-ish but in a well-written and beautifully acted kind of way.

Historical Events Move the Story Along.


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 Touching History

As the Seasons Unfold, I draw connections to my own family history in surprising ways.

World War I is an important turning point at Downton, as it was Around the World.

My Grandfather was in France.  US Army.  May 1918 to 1919.

78th Infantry Division.  308th Field Artillery Regiment.

Downton Abbey’s Matthew Crawley and William Mason were there too.


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My grandfather would quietly speak of the war.  I listened and tried to understand.

The Series brought the War to Life.


1920 Fashion is Divine.  The Designs, the Fabrics and the Details.

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A Primer on the History of Men’s and Women’s’ Fashion of the 20s in One Fell Swoop.

Inspiring Me.

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The Spanish Flu.

History tells us the Spanish Flu spread through the US and Great Britain from 1918 to 1919.

Over 40 Million Young People Died of the Flu.  It was Swift, Highly Contagious and Deadly.

Today, 100 Years Later, the Flu is Still on the Radar.

Downton Abbey presents an accurate depiction of the Flu.

The Spanish Flu was swift and infected the young and healthy.  It was often deadly.

Nurse character from period drama Downton Abbey

Mr. Doodle’s Mom caught the Spanish Flu as a Little Girl.

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She was one of the lucky ones.

Flu pandemic image @Wikipedia

Music of the Times

All Generations have their Music.

“If You Were the Only Girl in the World”

A popular song in 1916.  Written for the musical revue ,The Bing Boys are Here.

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Hearing the Song, I immediately remembered.   My grandfather sang the song to me as a little girl.

I had no idea the song was a popular one of my grandfather’s time.

I had only heard my grandfather sing the song.

I knew the words and the lyrics.  It was quite amazing to hear it again.

So many years later. 

It all came rushing back in a flash.  And I cried.

“If You Were the Only Girl in the World”

Sometimes, when I feel bad
And things look blue
I wish a pal I had say one like you
Someone within my heart to build a throne
Someone who’d never part to call my own.

If you were the only girl in the world
And I was the only boy
Nothing else would matter in this world today
We could go on loving in the same old way.

A garden of Eden just made for two
With nothing to mar our joy
I would say such wonderful things to you
There would be such wonderful things to do
If you were the only girl in the world
And I was the only boy.

And so I watch Downton Abbey.  Mesmerized.  This lovely, lovely Series.

It will be wonderful to visit the real Downton Abbey…Highclere Castle.

 Before the Magic Wears Off.

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But I don’t think the Magic is wearing off any time soon.

I am an Anglophile.  A Lover of All Things English.

Downton Abbey is Up there with The Crown and The Queen in my book.

Maybe Your Book Too.

If Yes…then I’m sure this Date is Already on Your Calendar…

May 19, 2018.  4:00 AM in the US.

Ready for a Proper English Breakfast Wedding Celebration.

Downton Abbey’d.   🙂

12 thoughts on “Downton Abbey’d

  1. Hey Jeanne…I just watched season 5&6 this week end…haha..checked them out from the library of course…I loved it even more this time around……aunt Violet and Mrs. Crawley are my faves…binge’re not alone.

  2. I LOVED Downton Abbey and faithfully watched every episode, impatient for the next one to arrive.
    Someday I intend to sit down and revisit them again in some binge watching.
    So interesting your personal connections to the time period. I too learned a lot about the time period.

  3. We share that love for all things Brit, royal and Downton! If you haven’t seen the big coffee-table book of Downton with wonderful photos and synopsis and character descriptions for everything and everyone, you should check it out. It’s beautiful and a keeper. Also the books on the real “Downton” about Lady Almina, a bit of a model for Cora in some ways. There’s also a short series coming to stations called “You are Cordially Invited” on PBS and the first episode is Highclere. Also, check online video for “Secrets of Downton Abbey” (or maybe “Secrets of Highclere Castle” or close. And also “The Manners of Downton Abbey.” Really wonderful specials. I hope your girls join in and watch — it makes all that history come to life, as you know so well!

  4. I couldn’t agree more. My daughter Stef is so uninterested in historical stuff like this. Imagine my surprise then, when I found a Downtown Abbey cup and saucer at her house the other day! Apparently SHE has the bug now, too. LOL Btw, did you ever see any episodes of Mercy Street that came on right after? They took it off after only three seasons and I was devastate about that, too. I still think it was a political move given the climate in this country right now. It was excellent!

  5. What a lovely, heartfelt post, Jeanne. It tells us so much about you and the love you have for not only your family, but people in general. I think Downton Abbey was one of those kind of series that made us all stop and think – about wars, the ins and outs of social structure and inequality, and the different sides of human nature. It was a real tear-jerker in parts, and I confess, I love stories that pull on the emotions. I watched every episode with Loiuse, and we lapped it up together. You’ve done a great job of describing your reactions to it and I really enjoyed reading and being reminded about it all.

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