If You Teach a Kid to Fish…

Super Bowl 52.

Mr. Doodle Loves to Watch the Game and Celebrate with Super Bowl Food.

At Home with His Girls.

A Super Bowl Family Tradition.

For a Week leading up to the Game, We Plan, Prep and Shop for Party Food.

The Menu is Perfect.  🙂

Costco Party Food in All its Glory:  Wings.  Pizza.  Chips.  Guacamole.  Sushi.  Salad.  And Shrimp.

I know.  Bizarre.  Junk.  But He is So Happy.

Mid-morning Sunday, the Final Prep is Done.  Now to Wait for the Game.

 I Take a Moment to Read the Times.   Outside in the Sun.  A Sunny 70 Degree Day.  In February.

The Sun Feels So Good.   All the Chores are Done.   The Game isn’t for a Few Hours.

Then I Do the Unthinkable.  I Take a Little Cat Nap.

With the Cat.

As I Sleep Away the Afternoon, the Party Preps Get to Work.  Lots of Bustling About.

I Guess They Learned the Drill.

I Didn’t Hear a Thing.

Pizza in the Oven.  Baked.  Sliced.  Set out on a Chinese Platter.


Caesar Salad.  Tossed.

Tequila Lime Chicken Wings.  Heated with the Pizza.

Sushi.  Crazy Huge California Rolls.  Our Home Made Attempt…I’ll give you the Skinny Next Time.


Drinks of Party Punch and Water.

Silver and Paper Plates on a Linen Cloth.

Party Dips and Chips.  Ready-Made Guacamole.

Game Time.

 I Descend the Stairs Like Cinderella.  I See Beaming Faces.  Smiles All Around.

And a Buffet Spread of the Greatest Magnitude.

We Did This Mom!  Just Like You Do!

Now Let the Game Begin.

Giggles.  Laughs.  And Football.

A Fun Super Bowl Tradition.

Half Time…Dessert with Justin Timberlake.

Home Made Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Cheese Danish and Chocolate Eggs.  Shaped like Footballs.

Give a Kid a Fish.  They have a Meal.

Teach a Kid to Fish.  They Create a Party.

Now that’s Some Crazy Magic.

Hope You Had a Fabulous Super Bowl.

Any Party Food Ideas to Share?  Our Menu Can Always Use Some Tweaking.  🙂


9 thoughts on “If You Teach a Kid to Fish…

  1. Good job, wonderful family time! Who was Mr Doodle rooting for? Glad you had some time to nap Jeanne … you have certainly earned it!

  2. Your cat is too beautiful.

    How wonderful to be treated like the queen you deserve to be and have such a grand spread of tasty things prepared when you came downstairs! Yes, you’ve taught them well. And now, you have the great good fortune to reap a benefit or two!

    1. Too funny, Calen…I have to admit, I created the Super Bowl Party food extravaganza…but it is perfect to make a big fuss with lots of hoopla during the coldest, darkest, longest month of the year. It’s not the game, it’s all about the food.

      1. I laughed right out loud when I read your comment. There’s a LOT in my life that’s all about the food! I loved that line from Ever After where Jacqueline says”I’m only here for the food!” 😀 😉 I LOVE your parties!

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