Tips to Navigate a Chinese Buffet…Healthy and Cheap

How Many Chinese Buffets Have You Dived Into?

I Know…Not My Favorite Either, but it is Fun and Silly and Entertaining.

The Food Offerings are Staggering to be Sure.  Healthy Eating Can Fly Out the Window.

And You Can End Up Spending More Than You Bargained For.

After Many Trips to Buffets, I Finally Figured Out the Protocol for Eating Healthy and Getting My Money’s Worth.

Check out the Tips…

My Number One Rule When Dining Out Anywhere…Never Order a Drink.

Make Water the Way to Go.

Your First Trip to the Buffet Table should be a Taste Test.  Tiny Samplings of Everything.

Think Costco.  Take One Bite of Whatever Suits Your Fancy.

A Taste of Flan?  Sure.  It’s a Party!

The Most Expensive Item should be Your Main Dish.  Seafood.  But Only if it looks fresh.

Never Choose “American” Food.  Chicken Nuggets.  Fries.  Corn on the Cob.


Peach Pie.

Jello.  Any Color.

Mac and Cheese.  Ah, No.  🙂

Stick with the True Chinese Fare.

Sushi.  Only if it’s Fresh.

Better Yet…Pick Fresh off the Grill.

And No Bread.  Coming from Me, that says a lot….I Love Bread.  But Not at a Chinese Buffet.

Bread is cheap.  Bread Fills You Up and doesn’t leave room for the True Chinese Food.

Try some Shrimp Chips Instead.

And the Healthiest Selections???

Steamed Vegetables.  Lean Protein like Chicken, Shrimp and Tofu.

Steamed Rice.  Not Fried.  Brown Rice is the Best.

Avoid the Noodles, Egg Rolls and Crab Rangoons.  Although a First Plate Tiny Taste is OK.

Another Healthy Tip…Begin the Meal with Soup.  In China, Soup is the Beverage.

Wonton.  Hot and Sour.  Egg Drop.

All are usually Good and Healthy.  Usually 100 calories or less per cup.

Eat with Chopsticks.

This Slows Down Your Eating and Leaves Time to Savor each dish and Chat Away.


Leave Room for Dessert.  Fresh Fruit.  Fortune Cookies.  Almond Cookies.

Self Serve Ice Cream?

Sure!  Just to add a Final Bit of MAGIC.


Now Wasn’t That Fun?  🙂

3 thoughts on “Tips to Navigate a Chinese Buffet…Healthy and Cheap

  1. Great ideas. I hate buffets of any kind. The thing I do (along with not eating anything coated in crusty stuff and deep-fried) is go through and get both my salad plate and my dinner plate. I don’t go back for seconds. If I’m still hungry, I, too, will have ice cream. Calorie and carb-wise it’s much safer!

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