12 Tips To Glide Through Disney. Gliding is Good!

According to the Experts, the Worst Time to Visit Disney is Easter/Spring Break.

Crowds at Every Turn.  Lines that Go On Forever.

So When Spring Break and Easter Collide, Avoid Disney.  Stay Home.

Enjoy Beautiful Pinky Sunsets.  At Home.

Or Not.

Sometimes You Just Need to Get Out of Dodge.  If Only for a Few Days.  Right?

Yes, We Are Going!

Disney.  Land.  California.

Maybe You are Too.

We Just Might Bump into You while Waiting on the 1 to 2 Hour Lines.

No Matter.  We are Beyond Thrilled to Be Traveling Again.


This is Not Our First Trip to Disney.  We’ve Learned a Bit Over the Course of Our Travels.

Check Out My 12 Tips for a Stress-Free Disney Visit.

And Get the Most Bang for Your Buck.   On Average, for a Family of 4 the Buck Can Run You (Travel, Hotel, Park, Meals) about $1,000/Day.

Here’s the Key:  Plan.  Plan.  Plan.

Enjoy the Tips.  🙂

1. Get to the Park Early.   Plan Travel to Get There Early.  Who Needs to Sleep?


2. Make the Most of Each Day.  Stay at the Park Until Close.  The Fireworks are Truly a Sight to See.

Image result for disneyland fireworks


3. Make Meal Reservations Before You Travel.  No One Wants to Wait on a Line to Eat.

Image result for disneyland goofy's kitchen


4. Plan One Prix-Fixe Meal and Show.  It’s Pricey.  But You Get a Meal with Great Seats for the Show.

And No Waiting in Line.   Frozen(!)  Oh Yes.  I’m Excited.  🙂

Related image


5. Do Carry-On Luggage.  Keep it Simple.  One Person. One Bag.

Fill the Bag with One Outfit Each Day.

As Layers.  Both Long and Short Sleeves.  Cool Mornings.  Hot Afternoons.  Cool Nights.

Closed Sandals with Socks.  Ward Off Blisters.

Restaurants can be Very Cold. Carry a Soft Packable Sweater.  Be Prepared.

I learned this lesson after I Shivered all through a Meal at the Blue Bayou in July.


6.  Shoes.  You’ll Walk Miles Each Day.  Bring More than One Pair.


7. Carry a Light Back Pack for Extra Clothes, Socks, Phone, Money.  But Keep it Light.  Hands Free.


8. Wear Sunscreen.  Even if it’s Cloudy.  Put it On and Forget It.


9. Pack Band Aids.  Power Cords.


10.  If You have Little Ones in Tow, bring a Cheap Umbrella Stroller.  Add a Tiny Quilt for Naps.


11.  No Umbrellas.  If there is Rain, Buy a Disney Plastic Poncho.  SIlly Souvenir and Great Coverage.


12.  Medical Emergencies at the Park?  Disney is Fabulous.  Full Medical Staffs in the Park and Off-Site Travel to Medical Clinics if Needed.  Ask Any Disney Cast Member.  They’re Trained to Know Everything.

Yes.  This is from Experience.

The Magic Word for a Disney Spring Break Visit…PLAN.

Plan Now.  Relax and Enjoy it All Later.

Can’t Wait for a Dose of Magic.

Do You Have Any Tips to Add?   We’d Love to Know.  🙂




7 thoughts on “12 Tips To Glide Through Disney. Gliding is Good!

  1. Nothing to offer … my last visit to DL was probably 1969, I was pregnant with Hilary. I did however go on a Disney cruise in December of 2016, with 13 family members. I do love the picture of Mr. Doodle looking thrilled, and I must say, the girls have the cutest clothes and shoes. Wishing you all the best Disney time … you have surely earned it!

  2. My niece Holly just quit her job of five years at Disney and moved home. My b-i-l has cancer and she wants to be here for her dad. She worked the lights for a lot of shows. It’s a Small World was always her favorite. We haven’t been there since Bran was seven. He’s 38 now!

  3. Then come along with us, Calen…this will be the first time we’re doing Disneyland without a stroller… this trip we’ll have a sophisticated adventure with lots of “scary” rides. 🙂

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