A March Madness Cheap Date

March Madness.  Heard of It?

It’s College Basketball’s Equivalent of the Oscars.

For College Players.  Some who will make it to the NBA.

Others Who Play Just for the Love of the Game.

Mr. Doodle’s Favorite Month of the Year.



I must first tell you that I care very little for College Basketball, but through Osmosis, I’m a bit of an Expert.

But Mr. Doodle is Hooked.  Big Time Hooked.



The Month of March and College Basketball are Super-Charged and Crazy.

It’s Taken Me Years, but I’ve finally realized that to Travel during the Month of March is Nutty.

Vacation Activities are scheduled around Game Times.

And Dining Chatter is All About the Games and the Bracket

Ahhh…the Infamous Bracket.



One Piece of Paper.  Your Predictions of Which Teams Will Win and When.

NCAA March Madness Men's Basketball Bracket 2018


All Month it remains Close to the Vest.

Discussions.  Research.  Review.  Educated Guesses.  All Done to Complete the Bracket.

Who Will Start Strong?  Who Will Choke?  Which Teams will be Upsets?

Who Will Win It All?

Pools are Set Up.  Money is Won and Lost.

A Full Month of…Well…Madness.



“Our” Team is the University of New Mexico Lobos.

Each Year Mr. Doodle has Faith that the Lobos will make the Bracket.



The University of New Mexico (UNM) is a Good School.  It has a Wonderful Medical School.

It’s Big but in a Good Way kind of Big.

But the UNM Basketball Team is (dare I say) Hit or Miss.

This Year is a Middle-of-the-Road Hit.  A Fairly Young Team with a New-for-Them Coach.

And so for a Cheap Date/Family Night Adventure, We Went to the Last Game of the Season.


Senior Night.  UNM v. Fresno State.

A Beautiful Warm Night in March.  To Catch Some Madness.


Mr. Doodle Loves the Game.

I enjoy all the Fal-Di-Rah.



The Goofy Lobo Wolf Mascot.  The Pep Band. 


A Blimp that Drops Coupons for Free Pepsi.



Fun 2-Minute Time Out Activities.  Kissing Cams.  Tee Shirt Tosses.

A Jump Rope Exhibition by a Local Elementary School.

So Cute.



Mr. Doodle Eats Up the STATS on the Teams.

I am intrigued with the HEIGHTS of the Players.

SIX FOOT NINE seems to be an average these days.  Amazing.



And maybe Best of All, I Enjoy Discovering Where the Players are From.



Many Players Travel Here from Far-Flung Places…Africa. Lithuania.  Australia.  France.  Germany.  Brazil.

How they find themselves in New Mexico is Hard for Me to Fathom.

But Here They Are.   Playing Their Hearts Out.

And the Crowd Loves It All.



And Perhaps Best of All…There’s the Basketball Arena Where it all Happens.



The Only Below-Ground Arena in the U.S.


Enter the Arena at Street Level.


Here are the Concession Stands and Gift Shoppes.


Then Descend the Stairs to the Seats.


Down.  Down.  Down.

The Court is at the Very Bottom.  37 Feet Below Grade.

Hence the Name.  The PIT.


And the Lobo Fans are LOUD.  Deafening LOUD.

With a Mascot of the Mexican Lobo Wolf, HOWLING is Encouraged!


And a New Mexico Trick…

The Mile High Altitude of New Mexico Often does a Number on Unsuspecting Coastal Players.

After Running Up and Down the Court at 5,000 Feet Above Sea Level, by Halftime, Legs Become Wobbly, Breathing is in Panting Puffs and Paces Slow Dramatically.

An Advantage the Lobos Often Bank On.

Date Night/Family Night…the Lobos Won!  In Overtime!

Now On to More March Madness MAGIC.

Any Tips on Who Will Take it All?  🙂

4 thoughts on “A March Madness Cheap Date

  1. I’m not much of a sports fan but of all the sports, I am inclined to like basketball the most, then baseball (but only my team!).Looks like you guys had a really terrific time. (And the jump rope looks fun too!)

  2. Hi Jeanie…those kids were jumping their hearts out…all girls and one lone boy…it was fun to watch and the crowd cheered them on with gusto. 🙂

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