Blowing Through to Spring

College Basketball as Background Noise.

Howling Winds Swirling Spring Blossoms on the Trees.

It’s March.

You Need a Place to Eat that is Local and Fun.  Not Fast Food.  Not a Chain.

Do You Have a Restaurant that Fits the Bill in Your Neck of the Woods?

We Do.  And it has Served Hollywood, Presidents and Locals Alike.

A Little Spot Nestled Under the Cottonwoods and the Rustic Portal.

El Pinto.  “The Spot”

Jack and Connie Thomas opened El Pinto in 1962.   They served the recipes of Connie’s mother.

And Still Operated Today by the Thomas Family Kids.

Just Up the Road.  Floppy Pansies Say Hello at the Grand Entrance.

Let’s Take a Quick Trip Between the Storm Clouds.

Chile Ristras Sway but Stay Protected from the March Winds.


Once Inside, a 30-Foot Rock Waterfall Stands Steadfast and Strong.

Even on Funky Days, Natural Light Streams In.

Let’s Find a Table by the Fire.

Santa Fe Style.

Brick Floors.  Skylights.  Vigas and Latillas in the Ceiling.  Plants Everywhere.

Right Here is Perfect.  A Roaring Fire to Ward Off the Chill.

Next to the Painted Lady Silently Surveying the Scene.

Happy Hens Live Here Too.

200 Strong on 13 Acres.  On the Restaurant Grounds.

Love the Hen Cam.  Quirky.  This is My Kind of Place.

El Pinto is known for its Salsa.  Red or Green.

Sit at the Table and Salsa and Chips are Presented.  No Ordering Necessary.

Sunday Brunch.  Breakfast Burrito.  Scrambled Eggs.  Potatoes.  Chorizo.

Smothered in New Mexico Hatch Red Chile.

Posole.  Hominy.  Pork.  Red Chile.

Mom…this tastes just like yours.  🙂

Green Chile Stew.  Pork, Potatoes, Green Chile.  Hearty.

There’s Seating for 1000.  With Quiet Spots Carved Throughout.

Let’s Make Today Special and Have Dessert.

Spanish Flan with Fresh Cream and Honey.

Yes.  Coffee.

This was Fun.

Full Bellies Meet Whipping Winds.


Time to Head Home to Our Special Nest.

To Check the Scores.

March Magic.  So Glad You Could Join Us.


5 thoughts on “Blowing Through to Spring

    1. Hi Jeanie…it is a fun place for out-of-town guests with boatloads of New Mexico atmosphere. When we go, we make believe we’re on vacation. Silly, but it works. 🙂

  1. We really do live in a small world, Calen. 🙂 Yes, seating for 1000 but with all the nooks and crannies of the place, you’d never know it. The only problem (for me)…I really don’t like New Mexican food. 🙂

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