Dinner by Fire

Food and Entertainment.  Always a Great Combination.

But Usually Tough to Find.  And then there’s the Price.

Teppan Grill Restaurants Put the Fun in Food with a Splash of Entertainment at a Reasonable Price.


For a Family of 4 that tries to make Dining Out an Experience, Teppan Grills are a Win/Win/Win.

But How Do You Know When You Hit on a Great Teppan Grill?

In Our Town, We have 2 Competing Teppan Grills.

Through Trial and Error Tests, Here are Some Guidelines to Select the Best Bang for Your Money.

Enjoy Our Research on the Just-OK and Great Teppan Grill Experiences.

The Secret Word is Light.


First Course.  The Soup. To Whet the Appetite.

While the Grill Master Chef prepares the Grill, Soup is Served.

At a Great Teppan Grill, the Soup is a Light Broth.  Light in Color.  Light on the Salt.

Which Would You Choose?



Yes. Light.  Drowning in Soy Sauce…Pass.

See How this Works?  Good.  🙂

Second Course.  The Salad.

Again.  Light and Fresh is Key.


Ranch Dressing?


Garlic Blob?

A Vinaigrette with Sesame Oil on Fresh Greens?

Light and Fresh Wins.


Course 3…The Sushi Appetizer while the Chef Takes the Entree Orders.

Made Fresh and Served on the Spot.

Sushi Sitting for Hours on an Ice Bed.

Easy, Right?

Now for the Grill…

Noodles or Fried Rice?  Both Work.

Fried Rice with Egg.

Fried Rice with Egg and Frozen Peas.

Or Both.  Prepared on the Grill.

A Hot Grill with Less Soy Sauce Makes the Winning Combo.


Prepared in the Kitchen and Cooked on the Grill.


A HOT Grill Speeds the Cooking Time and Less Oil Keeps the Vegetables Light and Semi-Crunchy.


The Expertise/Shenanigans of the Chef…The Reason for Going Teppan.

There’s Wild and Crazy.

With Flipping Eggs and Flames.


Or the Solid and Steady Chef.

A Personal Choice.  🙂


The Final Performance at Both Teppans…The Infamous Onion Volcano.


The onion is sliced and piled into a pyramid.  Oil is Poured into the Center and Lit.


A Fiery Inferno Right Before Your Eyes.

Feel the Heat.

Watch the Onion Sputter and Cook in Dazzling Flames.


Always a Huge Hit!

Soy Sauce is added for the Bubbling Lava.

I’d Love a Teppan Grill at Home, but I’m Sure We’d Burn the House Down.

The Entrees.

Beef with Sesame Seeds. Tender.  Hot.  Fresh.

Chicken.  Usually the Best Price.

Dinner is Served.

If It’s Your Birthday, You Can Ring the Gong.  Or Even if it’s Not a Birthday…Come Up with a Celebration.

Gong Ringing is No Charge.



Hope You Enjoyed a Taste of Magic.


Follow the Light.

7 thoughts on “Dinner by Fire

  1. Well that’s a fine thing to see early in the morning! Now I’ll be thinking of it all day. My youngest grandson Jared (now16) has celebrated most of his birthdays at “the place where the man in the big hat cooks in front of you and throws food in your mouth!” That grill is in Fair Oaks VA. Have not tried any of the grills here.

  2. Oh Yes…Two…Samurai and Azuma…Samurai won the taste test. Both have gongs and as everyone knows, you can’t celebrate a birthday without ringing a gong. 🙂

  3. I’ve always wanted to try one of these. There are none near us but there’s one in the resort we often go to in Portugal… just you’re spoilt for restaurant choice so it’s been missed off the list!
    Brazilian rodizio (if that’s how you spell it!) seem to be popular near us at the moment. As of this weekend, we have two within a 5 minute walk of each other – might have to do a comparison of my own!

    1. Hi Haylee…I’d love to see a Brazilian restaurant comparison post…we have one here…lots of meat as I recall…Mr. Doodle thought it was grand…it was a bit overwhelming for me. 🙂

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