Hollywood in Albuquerque. An “Eye-Spy” Adventure

Hollywood is Back.

A New Mega-Blockbuster Movie is Being Filmed in My Neighborhood.



Here’s the Scoop.

An Early Morning Drive to Work and School.  Downtown Albuquerque 8AM.

Movie Trucks Line the Streets.  Streets and Alleys are Barricaded.


I Roll Down the Car Window and Yell Across a Vacant Lot to a Film Security Guard…

“Hey, What Movie are You Filming?!”

And the Quick Reply…”It’s a Secret!!”

Miss Doodle Rolls Her Eyes…”Mom!!!”



Challenge Accepted.


If Hollywood is Going to Disrupt the Flow of Traffic, I Can Research Who is In Town Filming.


And Get the Insider Edition.

Hollywood is Quite Crafty.  A Special Event?

On a Tuesday?


Let’s Uncover the Secret Together.

Quick Google Search.  Local Newspaper Article.

Hello Hollywood!

“Running with the Devil”

Cage, Fishburne filming in NM

Clockwise from left, Laurence Fishburne, Leslie Bibb, Nicolas Cage, Peter Facinelli, Clifton Collins Jr. and Barry Pepper will star in “Running with the Devil.”

Image result for albuquerque journal


“Nicolas Cage and Laurence Fishburne are teaming up again for a new film – and it’s being partly shot in New Mexico.

The two actors have worked together on three previous projects and again will work on the announced “Running With the Devil.”  The production will take place through the end of March in Albuquerque.

“We’re proud to welcome another exciting production to New Mexico,” said state Film Office Director Nick Maniatis. “New Mexico’s diverse and beautiful landscapes, our depth of talent and infrastructure, and our powerful film incentives make our state a perfect fit for productions of all genres.”

“Running With the Devil” is written and directed by Jason Cabell, a former Navy SEAL.

Cabell wrote the script based on his real-life experiences working with the Drug Enforcement Administration in Colombia.

According to Internet Movie Database, the story follows a cocaine shipment as it travels throughout North America, from Mexico, through the United States to Canada.  After the sensitive package is compromised, a cartel leader known as The Boss, played by Pepper, orders The Cook, played by Cage, and another master drug trafficker, The Man, played by Fishburne, to audit the company’s supply chain and find where the error occurred.

According to the state Film Office, the film will employ approximately 90 New Mexico crew members, 30 New Mexico actors and stunt performers, and 150 New Mexico background talent.”


Welcome Hollywood!

I Love to Watch Your Magic.


Hollywood in Albuquerque on an Oh-So-Dull Tuesday Morning.

Transforming Albuquerque into a Canadian City.  My Guess.


All Photos Shot by Me at Red Lights.


Is this Outside a Canadian Nightclub?  Or maybe this is Mexico?

Across the Street from the World Famous Deco-Inspired Kimo Theatre.

Green Screen will Probably Block the Kimo.   The setting can’t look like Albuquerque.

Check out the Sea Creature Painting on the White Washed Brick.

And the Spotless Sidewalk and Road.


The Local Coffee Shop is Now Purple and Green.

With a New Space Age Style Sign over the Door.

A Vast Improvement.  But it will probably be turned back to the original.



Whoops.  The Traffic Light Changed.


Thanks for Playing Along.

You Just Never Know When Magic Will Hit.  🙂





6 thoughts on “Hollywood in Albuquerque. An “Eye-Spy” Adventure

  1. How exciting! They film The Crown at the top of my street – the Minster doubles as Westminster Abbey in London. It’s been used for various period dramas, as have several buildings in town. I never manage to see anyone exciting though, it’s all very cloak and dagger!!
    Finally got around to watching another of your famous ‘exports’, Breaking Bad. I stupidly look to see if I can spot you in at scenes..,!

    1. What fun Haylee…sorry you didn’t “see” me in Breaking Bad. 🙂 I absolutely LOVE The Crown…I consumed that series…is there a possibility we can see you???

      1. Haha, unfortunately not, although they did ask for volunteers to be part of crowd scenes in Poldark (not sure if you get that in the US). Maybe next time I’ll sign up!

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