So What is Family Day?

Family Day.

The anniversary of the day when a new member joins a family in the adoption process.

Family Day for Us is the Moment We Became a Family of 4.

The Moment 2 Girls Became Sisters.

March 2, 2009 in Guangzhou, China.    A Moment Forever in Our Hearts.

It Began with Tears. Lots of Pink.  And a Wet Diaper.

So Very Frightened.  But So Very Brave.

We Came Together with Hugs.  Quiet Talk.  And Kisses.

Being Safe.  Being Strong Together.

This was the First Morning as Sisters.  In China.

The First Week Home.

Getting Ready for the Welcome Home Party in Special Chinese Clothes.

Fun in the Kitchen.  Baking Together.

And Today.  9 Years Later.

Our Family Tradition of Early Morning Celebrating Continues.

Fun Memories Dangle from the Chandelier.

Cards and Gifts Hang from Each Chair.

There are Gifts for Everyone.


Even the Pets.

And Donuts to Sweeten the Day.


Watching the China Adoption Movie.

Wishing My Mom was Here.  My Inspiration.

They Will Never Again Be Alone in This World.

Together.  United as Sisters.  And as a Family.

Family Day Magic for Always.



6 thoughts on “So What is Family Day?

  1. I love this more than I can say. What a wonderful day to celebrate, you and all the Doodles. And I really loved seeing those tears and camera shyness turn to smiles and your beautiful little girls turn into beautiful young women on the threshold of teen and adulthood. You are wonderful and so are they.

  2. Mamma and Pappa Doodle … you are so special to me. As an adopted child in the 1940s, living with all the secrets, silence and shame that were common in those days, being an only child raised by two parents who meant well, but just couldn’t be the parents that every little girl should have. Last year, at age 77, I finally discovered my birth family. I look at your family with such love and a little jealousy. Your daughters are so blessed to have you as parents, and you are equally blessed to have them .. they are such lovely girls. And best of all, they are being raised with so much love and no secrets, no shame and much wisdom! Today’s post brings tears of joy to my eyes … you are just such a special family. And on another note, love those little denim jackets which I hope you have saved! Have a wonderful celebration and may God continue to bless you all.

    1. Hi Suzee…thank you for sharing your adoption story…no adoption is easy as we have learned. Glad you were able to meet your birth family. And oh yes, those jackets…saved in each girl’s special box for safekeeping. 🙂

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