A Brick Date can be in Your Future

Weekends Wiz By.

Filled with Errands and Cleaning.  Shopping and Laundry.

Blink Twice and We’re Back to Monday.

But Sometimes We Make Time for a Weekend Date.  A Date with Attitude.

A Date with a Little Brick Work.  To Create a New Brick Walk.

On Friday Night, We Design the Walk.

Estimate the Size and Amount of Bricks We Need.   Drawn on Napkins.

Saturday.  Shop for Just the Right Bricks.  Red/Blue Color.  Cheap Price.

Sunday Morning.  Early.  The Neighborhood is Asleep.

Oatmeal and Coffee.  Ready to Go.

Unload the Bricks.  130 Total for a 25 Square Foot Space.

Carry the Bricks to the Site.  Together.

Uh Oh, No Work Gloves.  No Problem.  Old Leather Cashmere-lined Gloves Will Do.

Prep the Ground.

Lay the Bricks.  Basket Weave Pattern.

I’m the Designated Brick Feeder.  Mr. Doodle is the Brick Layer.

Smile and Laugh.  Huff and Puff.

Stop for Water Breaks.

Make Steady Progress.

Amazing.  It Looks Like It’s Always Been Here.

Cheer Each Other On.

Who Needs to Wine and Dine on a Date Night?

We Laugh, Joke and Even Exercise Together.

And Have a Brand New Walkway.

Now Sit Back and Proudly Survey the Scene.

Before the Summer Heat Bears Down.  And the Girls Wake Up.

A Little Crazy.  But Filled with Magic.

Is there a Brick Date in Your Future?

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