A New Thing…A Hair Date(!)

Ready for Some Fun???

A Hair Date Can Be Just the Thing for Some Oomph and Silliness.

And Magic.

Things One Needs for a Hair Date…

1. a Fabulous Hair Dresser…knowledgeable, reliable, fun.

2. a Willing Hair Partner…trusting, adventurous, fun.

3. a Saturday Morning…free and ready for fun.

Together.  Side by Side.  Cut and Color.

Yes.  Color.  🙂

When Time is at a Premium, a Hair Date Can Add Some Always Needed Zing.

True…A Hair Date can be Scary.  But No Fears when working with a Master.


First Up.  Color for Me.  I Let the Master Work His Magic.

The Before.  Washed Out Highlights with Silver Sprinkles.  Ok.  Silver Clumps.

Not a Good Look.

And the After.


The Blow Out.

Nice.  Thanks.

Mr. Doodle wears a traditional braid.

But his Silver is a bit Yellow.  Tarnished.  Dull.

He agrees to a Color Bump.

A good cut first.

While the Troops Wait.

And Sing.

Hair Dates can be Family Affairs.  Colorado Cousin in the Mix.

Wash and a Color Bump to Tone Down the Yellow.

Love Across the Vast Divide.



Sparkle and Shine.

Now to Get Ready for the Royal Wedding.

Memories of a Long Ago Wedding…with Hopes of More Hair Dates to Come.

 Is a Hair Date in Your Future?

7 thoughts on “A New Thing…A Hair Date(!)

  1. OMG! I SO loved this! I showed it to his nibs who is really struggling with shaving off or altering his beard. He’s kind of scared to since neither of the kids have ever seen him without it! He’s had it for 39 years. And he’s tired of going from silver gray to white. I wonder if our Sandy could do something for HIM that looks pretty natural. Your cut and color are fabulous, Jeanne! What a great idea and post! One of my favorites so far. 😀

    1. A perfect solution Calen…a hair date. I thought Mr. Doodle would dig in his heels when he heard about COLOR but he was totally on board. If nibs is willing then YES go for it! Have fun!

  2. Great new do’s and colour on you both – what a fun outing. And the wedding photo is so lovely. The smiles haven’t changed even if the hair has!

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