Moon Monday Again…A Whimsical Crock!

Week Night Dinner TIme.  The Witching Hour of the Day.

Minutes Swiftly Clicking By to T-Minus Melt Down.

We Need to Sit Down to a Nice Meal.   Not in 45 Minutes.  But Now.

Moon Cat and I Found a Solution to the Monday Dinner Dilemma.

Moon  Monday.

Moon Monday Began on a Monday.  Not So Many Years Ago.

On the Drive Home from Work and Day Care.

Me:  I’m Too Tired to Cook.  It Would Be So Nice if the Pets Could Cook the Dinner.  Don’t You Think?

Girls from the Back Seat:  Oh Yes!  Maybe They Can.  They Have Paws!

And the Logistics of Pets Cooking in the Kitchen was Discussed, Dissected and Dismissed.

Until the Tires Hit the Driveway.

And We Opened the Back Door of the House and the Smells of Dinner Filled the Kitchen.

The Pets Can Cook! 

But Only on Monday.   The Tradition of Moon Monday was Born!

However.  Putting Our Silly Traditions Aside, I am Not a Fan of Crock Pot Cooking.

I Do Try to Follow Crock Pot Recipes.  15 Minutes to Throw Everything In.  Early Morning.

But the End Result Just Doesn’t Make It.  For Me.

Not That I Don’t Keep Trying…

Today Beef and Onions.  I Take a Bit of Time and do a Little Browning First.


Add Cubed Potatoes and Sliced Red Peppers.


Ohh…I have Garlic.  Let’s Make it Fancy.

It Smells Good even at Breakfast.


Hard Vegetables Can Bear the 8-Hour Marathon.  So I’m Told.  Carrots Today.


Now for the La Di Dah…Himalayan Pink Salt.  A Tiny Sprinkle.


And Taco Seasoning.  A Request.


Maybe This One Will be a Winner.

All in the Crock.  8 Hours.


Work.  School.  The Drill.  Done.

Back at the Ranch.  Set the Table.  Pour the Drinks.  Ready.


I Do Love Walking through the Back Door on Monday to the Smell of a Fully Cooked Dinner.


For Me, a Crock Meal is Always Too Watery.

Tasting of Old Timey Steam Tables and School Cafeteria Fare.

The Troops Love Moon Monday.

So Who am I to Argue? It’s 6:00 and We’re All Together.  Enjoying a Hot, Interesting Meal.

Thank You Moon.

Guess I Enjoy the Whimsy and Sizzle More than the Meat and Potatoes.  🙂

Is a Crock Pot Meal on Your Menu?  Really?

6 thoughts on “Moon Monday Again…A Whimsical Crock!

  1. Made a crockpot meal last night … my turn for Sunday dinner with the girls at Cimino. I made a new recipe called Barbeque Beans with Keilbasa from Pinterest and it was a huge hit! Only a few beans left. The important thing is that it was a dinner with friends. The important thing about Moon Monday is, as you said, “It’s 6:00 and We’re All Together.” In the era of fast food, “let’s order a pizza” and families eating at all different times, I so admire that you, Mr. Doodle and the girls sit down for a meal together! Another Gold star for the Doodle family!

  2. I use the crockpot a lot. Although his nibs says everything tastes the same in it. I wonder if he tastes cafeteria food, too. My favorite thing to cook in it –and he NEVER complains — old-fashioned ham and navy beans. Even Bran, who is a devout bean hater will eat it. So easy.

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