Romancing the Food

“I have discovered that there is romance in food when romance has disappeared from everywhere else. 

And as long as my digestion holds out, I will follow romance.”

Ernest Hemingway.

What Goes Into Your Best Meal Ever?

Is It Really All About the Food?  Or is it Something More?

Perhaps it’s as Hemingway says, Romance in Food.

Romance in the Atmosphere and Presentation of the Food.

With Food As Entertainment.   Food to Share.    Food to Relish In.

Food to Laugh With.    And Food to Eat.

What is Your Pick for Best Meal Ever?

Is it really about the Food?  Or is it so Much More?

Disney, as You Know, is All About Entertainment.

And Disney just might have the Corner on Romance in Food for the Best Meal Ever.

Let’s Start with Breakfast.

How About a Romance in Food Adventure for Breakfast?

Goofy’s Kitchen.  Disneyland Hotel.  Could Fit the Bill.

Certainly if You Relish Sweet…

With the Craziest Buffet Offerings Ever.

Goofy.  Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza.

Character Dining and Dancing.

Enough Mac and Cheese to Swim In.

Mickey Ears Everywhere.

Ice Cream for Breakfast?

Cold Cereal Tastes Better Poured from a Spigot.

Chef Station Extraordinaire.  Flippin  Fryin Fun.

Even the Food Labels are Fun.

These Smiles Win Me Over for the Best Breakfast Meal Ever.

What About a Best Lunch Ever?

Carthay Circle Restaurant.  Disneyland.

Lunch and a Show.   Disney-Style.  All the Stops are Out.

The Carthay Dining Room is Breathtaking.  Spectacular Décor Fills in any Lackluster Food Choices.

But Let’s Take a Look at the Food…

Swedish-Themed Frozen Appetizer.

Crème Fraiche Aebleskiver (cream puff) with Lingonberry Jam.  A Bit Sweet but Interesting.

Tomato Chicken Soup.  Salad with Tangerine-Buttermilk Vinaigrette. Delicious.

Chicken Breast with Roasted Cauliflower.  Tastes better than it Looks.


Filet of Angus Beef with Cashew-Fried Rice.  Very Nice.

Dessert?  Are You Kidding?!

Olaf’s Summer Dream Vacation.

Cream Puffs.  Chocolate.  Cotton Candy Sprinkles.  Perfect.

Then Whisk Over to the Show.  Center Orchestra Seats.

Frozen Comes to Life on an Enormous Stage.

Yes.  We Were This Close.

Romance in Food.  In the Dining Room and On the Stage.


What Goes Into Your Best Meal Ever???

Let’s Share.  🙂




14 thoughts on “Romancing the Food

  1. Ah yes! Remembering the Disney cruise in 2016 … best food ever, and more than enough of it all day long. My particular favorite, the large bowls of crispy bacon for breakfast! Evening meals in three different restaurants … so many choices. Pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers … always something to eat in between. Disney truly knows all the secrets of a great vacation.

  2. Food is love, I totally believe that feeding someone from the heart is an act of love and sharing good food…well, it makes my heart sing. One of the many reasons I am no longer married to my ex is he ate like a toddler…meat and potatoes and nothing touching and no casseroles and NO fresh vegetables, only Del Monte canned, and no salads and no, no, no, no. Would not try anything and did not want anything he was not familiar with. Expected me to cook for him and he did nothing. The 1950s brought to life. No adventure. No soul.
    And Disney makes every meal an experience. Their restaurants have the BEST design…totally enhances your experience. Love, love, love Disney.

    1. Oh my goodness, Nelson…oh my goodness. Yes, I totally agree with you – feeding someone from the heart is truly an act of love…an act to be shared with good conversation, love and fun. Many poo poo Disney, but they certainly figured all that out.

  3. Hang on! Gotta go take a couple units of insulin after reading that! LOL All I could think of was how many carbs there would be! You mentioned food as entertainment. I think that is so right. We’ve realized that this year, that instead of getting out of the house and being involved with life, we use food for our entertainment. Not a good thing for us. We get together with friends now and then, and I think we need to go a bit more lightly on refreshments and learn to value the relationships an companionships more. Maybe then the food would lose some of its importance?

    1. Food as the background, not the main event, for entertainment…that works. This was a Sweet Trip, you bet…but then we clocked about 10 miles each day walking…Dawn to Late Night…it was overkill all the way round. But in a good way. 🙂

  4. When you consider the first modern romances by Woodiweiss, Rosemary Rogers, and othersromances have come a long, long way. I, like many people, bought them. They were the only game in town,. Publishers took these sales to model endless romances after them, so we had almost a generation of heroes who were terrible, terrible human beings. Fortunately, you almost never see these kind of heroes in romances today. They have evolved to the alpha hero who comes with one terrific advantage: he supplies instant tension, needed by these books. Will he take out his revenge on her father on the innocent and helpless heroine? Will he override her wishes “for her own good? Will he advance in politics or his business at the expense of the heroine? Will he even SEE the heroine accurately? See: easy tension and even structure. However, such an alpha hero can easily lapse into being a monster. The trap of a feminist hero is that he can come across as weak and almost dithering in books that lack tension. Of course, if someone stands for the fair and humane treatment of women, children and other men, he (or she) is hardly weak, but evil and flat characters much easier to write than complicated goodness. I am encouraged by the evolution of romances that reflect our society”s changing attitudes toward women AND men”s equality. Just as romances have gone beyond the nurse/secretary/teacher heroines of the 50”s, let”s hope romances reinforce those values of fairness, humanity, and real love.

  5. This is the beauty of photographing food, Jeanie…I can gather it up and hold on to it for a moment, but don’t have to eat it…works for me. 🙂

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