The Magical Tip for Effortless Travel(!)

Simple.  Two Words.


We are a Family of 4.  With School-Age Kids.  Full-Time Working Parents.

Travel for Us is When Everyone is Free to Travel.

So to Beat the Crowds and Get the Most of the Vacation Time….


4:30AM Early.  On the Airport Parking Bus to the Airport.

6AM.  Flight to LA.

7AM.  Daybreak over Arizona.

7:30AM.  LAX in Sight.

Awake and Ready to Go.

The Fog Hasn’t had a Chance to Lift.  Touchdown.  LAX.

7:40AM.  Airport Terminal Bus to the Proper Gate.  LAX.

If there’s enough Blue to Make a Sailor a Pair of Pants, it will be a Sunny Day.

7:50AM.  Waiting for the Disneyland Bus.  LAX.

Right on Time.

8:05AM.  Just Us on the Disneyland Bus.

8:15AM.  Traffic-Free at LAX.  On to Anaheim.

9:30AM.  Hotel Check In.

Monorail to the Park.

Hello California Adventure!


9:45AM.  Grizzly Bear River Ride.  No Wait.

10AM.  Already Soaked.

10:15AM.  First Street Show with Mickey.

6 Hours.  Traveled 1000 Miles.  By Car, Bus, Plane, Monorail, Raft and Foot.

10:30AM.  Soaring Over the World.  No FastPass.  No Wait.

On to Frozen.   The Show.  Wheee…What a Ride.

Can You Do It?  Start Early?

The Rewards are Magical.  Promise.  🙂

4 thoughts on “The Magical Tip for Effortless Travel(!)

  1. My girls always slept in their clothes for those early morning flights. Still do, even though they are in their 20s. It’s really a bit of genius. Just roll out of bed, slip on flip flops and go.

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