Why Disney? Why Indeed!

Disneyland.  California.

Outrageously Expensive.  Crowded.

Miles of Walking.  Endless Hours of Waiting.

Silliness.  Goofiness.

Winding Lines.  70 Minute Waits.

2.5 Minute Attractions.

$6 Hot Dog.

$10 Bag of Carmel Corn.

$92 Lunch with Show for Everyone over 7.

Why Disney?

Because It is the Perfect Backdrop for Magic.

Together with the People You Love.

Experiencing Magic Together.

It Really Is About Being Together.

Family Groups.  Parties of 12.

All Ages.

From All Over the World.

Couples on Dates.

Couples on Honeymoons.

Couples enjoying Retirement.

Families Celebrating Moving Away from Serious Health Issues.

Spring Break.  We Had 3 Days of Magic.


Yes.  Disney.


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