90 Days of Heat…Are You Ready?!

90 Days of Heat,

Begins Today,

We’ve Worked the Outside Magic,

All Ready for a Vacation at Home Stay.

Bring on the Heat,

We Have Our Seat,

Under the Trees,

By the Pond So Deep.

The Pond Spot Stays Cool,

On the Hottest of Days,

Too Bad it’s Not Deeper,

Or I’d Back Float to Laze.

Patio Table for 4, Sanded and Primed,

An Umbrella for Shade,

A Spot to Unwind.

With a Wink and a Nod,

In 3 Days We Have Done,

All That Needs Doing,

Before Bearing Down the June Sun.

Summer Flies In On Gossamer Wing,

Can’t Hold It Tight,

Just Enough Time To Relax and Sing.

Bordered By Two Holidays,

With One in the Middle,

Summer has but 90 Days of Joy,

Don’t Sit There and Diddle.

Embrace the Summer,

Make It Last,

Hoist the Anchor, Raise the Mast.

Sending Magic Your Way…To Share Forever Days of Summer.

Are You Ready?

4 thoughts on “90 Days of Heat…Are You Ready?!

  1. Nope, I’m not! I burn like a corn fritter left in the pan too long! Takes about 15 minutes… I LOVE the pictures of your pond. I can see me sitting there meditating. Beautiful!

  2. I burn too…within 15 minutes every time. Just had skin doctor freeze 2 bad spots. Nasty business but necessary in the High Desert. You’re right, the pond has been a saving grace. I even love smelling the funky muck. And the crazy fish are having babies like rabbits. Stay Cool, Calen. 🙂

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