A Dream in Clay

To Sleep.  Dear Sleep,

Oh If Only to Dream,

Of Royal Wedding Teas,

And Spots of Clotted Cream.



A Full Night’s Sleep,

Would Be So Dear,

I May Have Had One, Late Last Year.



Again I Try,  Turn Off the Light,

Fresh Clothesline-Dried Sheets,

A Good Sleep in Sight.



But Just As Eyes Shut,

I Remember My List of To Do,

Find a Birthday Gift for a Lady, Who Will Be 45 X 2.



I Sleep Soundly and Dream,

Of a Beach With Turquoise Waves,

Walking to Find Shells in a Salty Haze.



Before I Wake, Dreaming Still,

In the Sand I See,

A Tiny Clay Figure Waving at Me.



As I Get Closer, Can It Be?

My Birthday Lady, Made in Clay,

Smiling Back at Me.



My Morning Comes Early,

Before the Sun,

I Wake With a Birthday Gift Idea,

I’ll Make a Clay Figure of One.



Before Work I Shop,

To Buy the Clay,

25 Pounds Should Do,

I Hope and I Pray.



The Hard Part is Done,

A Vision in My Mind’s Eye is Set.

Now to Create the Lady,

Sculpt With Newspaper and Tape that I Get.



Ahh…the Clay is Cold.

The Clay is Wet.

Cover Newspaper with Clay.   Now Let Her Set.



Wild Hair Flying Back,

From the Salty Sea Breeze,



Sunglasses in Place,

Hands Rest on Tanned Knees.



A Birthday Gift,

A Vision Straight from My Dream.

She’s Cute and Funny,

And Looks Exactly As Seen.



Lack of Sleep Has Now Set Me Free,

Free to Create From the Magic in Me.



To Dream of Clay Figures that Smile and Wave,

And Make Perfect Birthday Surprises for Me to Save.



A Dream Realized Can Be Magic.

Now On to Problem 2,

How to Ship the Birthday Lady Without Further Ado.  🙂

7 thoughts on “A Dream in Clay

    1. One of my silly secrets disclosed…I love doing laundry…and hanging bedding out on the line makes the best smells ever…the girls call it “Sunshine”…I think it’s Tide, but we’ll keep it at Sunshine. We may ship by Greyhound bus as crazy as that might sound. 🙂

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