A Patio Wedding Venue…Again and Again.

21 Years Ago We Had a Outdoor Patio Wedding.

At a Neighborhood Restaurant.

The Wedding was Small.  Just Family.

We Said Our Vows.  11:00 AM.  And then had Lunch.

Barbeque.  Ribs.  Chicken.  Slaw.  Fries.

We had a Band.

 Mr. Doodle Played Piano and Sang.  To Me.

In My Life.  John Lennon.

The Judge who Married Us Sat in on the Drums.


A Dream Wedding?

Not Really.

But the Best Part is that Whenever We Went Back to Eat There, We Could Sit On the Patio and Remember.

Yes, Right Over There is Where We Said Our Vows.  Here’s Where the Band Played.

Every Server Knew that We Had Been Married There.

It was Jolly Good Fun.

Until The Owners Retired.  And the Little Place Sat Vacant.

A Pizza Parlor tried to Fill the Space, but it was Lame.

Limp, Cold Pizza.  Soggy, Boring Salad.

Nobody from the Neighborhood Came.

And the Space Was Vacant Once Again.

Today With the Warm Weather, a New Eating Spot is Trying Out the Outdoor Patio.

El Patio.  How Appropriate.

This One Could Be the Winner We’ve Been Waiting For.

Good New Mexican Food.

Reasonable Prices.

The Pinkest Pink Lemonade.

The Deepest, Darkest Red Chile.

Even a Great All American Green Chile Cheeseburger.

Inside the Décor is Funky and Fun.

Silver Antler Lights Swing from the Ceiling.

Holsteins on the Walls.

A Glowing Mary Whispers Hello.

Yes.  This is Where We Said Our Vows.

In Proper Wedding Attire, as I recall…

And the Band Played All Afternoon.

So Glad You Could Join Us.  For the Wedding Celebration Memories.

Let’s Do It Again.  And Again.


3 thoughts on “A Patio Wedding Venue…Again and Again.

  1. “In My Life” is my favorite Beatles song. 🙂 We renewed our vows on our 35th anniversary. It was a better party than our wedding was!!! Coming up on 47.

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