Finally…We’re Not in Kansas Anymore.

People Say Spring Always Comes.

But there are Years When Doubt Creeps In.  Maybe No Spring This Year.

And Then Presto.  Overnight.  It’s Spring.


Here in the Desert South West, Water is at a Premium.

All the Striking Cloudless Blue Skies are the Result of Thin Air and No Rain.


Beautiful.  Yes.  But Terribly Tough on Plants.

This Winter was Especially Tough.  A Major Drought.  Not Even One Snowflake Fell.

How Can There be a Decent Spring without Moisture?

But Just When We Were Sure It Would Stay Brown Forever…

A Glorious Awakening.

“Toto, I’ve a Feeling We’re not in Kansas Anymore.”

May 1.  Spring has Burst on the Scene!

My Theory on Gardening in the Desert is Simple…If It’s Green, It Can Stay.

Even this Jack and the Beanstalk-ish Kind of Creepy Agave.

The fence is 5 feet tall and this guy is still growing…seems like inches each day. Yes.  Really.

The Vinca spreads and travels all over.  Some Would Say Invasive.  But It’s Green.  It Stays.

And the Tiny Blue Flowers Flutter So Sweetly.

Christmas Trees in Pots.  Glossy Green with Spiky New Growth.  Make Yourself at Home.

Yuccas.  Green Spikes with Hot Pink New Growth.  Hello!

Then the Traditional Roses.  They Came with the House and Never Left.

Tender White Buds.  So Reassuring to See Each Year.


A Locust.  I Moved This One and It Feels Happy Here.  Intoxicating Floral Scent.

The Crazy Pond.  Flowing Water.  A Bit Green Right Now

But the Birds Don’t Mind.

And Thankfully the Birds are Too Slow to Catch the Fish.

Or the Fish are Too Smart.  Either Way…it’s Working.  I Love the Smell of Algae.  Just Like Home.  🙂

Costco Hydrangeas in Pots.  Pretty in Periwinkle.

To Match the Day Break Desert Sky.

The Colors of Spring.  So Glorious to See.  To Smell.  To Hear.

An Awakening.  At Last.



Is It Finally Spring in Your Neck of the Woods?

8 thoughts on “Finally…We’re Not in Kansas Anymore.

  1. You always said that the house has its own rhythm and life – you provided a good picture of that – well done, Mama

  2. Hi Penny – no flower yet, it’s still growing and is now over 5 feet. I did hear that once it blooms it sends out new baby plants and then dies. Such drama! Thanks for visiting.

  3. Locust… I had no idea of the name of that tree. Had to look it up and realized I knew what it was. Hydrangeas are my most favorite flower. When we renewed our vows on our 35th anniversary, my bouquet was purple and green hydrangeas and blush roses. It was SO gorgeous. Doesn’t look too gorgeous now, however. It’s dried and sitting on our dresser. Can’t part with it yet.

  4. Those hydrangeas sitting on a shelf at Costco were definitely show-stoppers…WOW…I never thought to put them in a bouquet…how stunning. 🙂

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