Pigeons, Protesters and Puppie Slushes…Oh My

School’s Out.  Summer’s In.

The Beginning of Summer is Time Spent at Doodle T.

In a Tiny Office Downtown.  Next to Mom.

Not the Best Scenario, But We Make It Work.

Lunch Hour is a Walking Game.

Uncover Three Things that You Never Noticed Before.

All Beginning with the Same Letter.

Today’s Walk is the Letter “P”.

Challenge Accepted.


Yuccas Reach the Sky.  “P” is for Prickly.

“P” is for Pigeon.

A Pigeon Crossed the Street Avoiding the Cars.

Seeing the Beauty in a Fire Hydrant.  Sprayed with Doggy “P”.

“P” is for Parking.

A Tie Dyed Parking Structure Complements the Dramatic Blue Sky.

Hopping on a Bike Would Be Fun.  Hmm…that’s an Idea.

Stark Shadows at Noon.

“P” is for Pedestrian.

Walk on the Shady Side.  20 Degrees Cooler in the Desert.

An Albuquerque Abbey Road Moment…


Noon.  Sun Bearing Down Hard.

“P” is for Protestors on the Corner.

Protesting the Immigrant Border Ban.

The Walking Loop is Complete.

“P” is for Slush Puppies at Martian Bob’s.

Taking a Spin Back to Work.


Working the Elevator.


South-Facing View from Doodle T Today.

Time for a Microwave Lunch.  Teriyaki Chicken Bowls Go for a Spin.

Making Summer Magic.

Well, Trying To Make the Magic.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Pigeons, Protesters and Puppie Slushes…Oh My

  1. Downtown looks so empty! But then things brighten up with the great pictures of Ms. Doodle, who, I should say has excellent fashion sense! Happy summer ladies!

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