Summer Style…Fast Skirts for Sassy Women

If You Had to Stand All Day At Work.

Hot Sun Bearing Down on the Crown of Your Head.

Your Arms Burdened Carrying Books and Lighting Fixtures.

And Your Feet.  Oh My, Your Feet.

Wrapped in Tight, Strappy Unforgiving Sandals.

What Would You Wear???


Draped Linen.  Flowy.  Fun.

Classically Professional.

Perfect for Whoever or Whatever Sails Your Way.

I Took a Tip from Lady Liberty and Created Classic Summer Skirts.

In Cool Linen.  And Cotton Sateen.

I Have the Simplest Pattern.  Really Almost No Pattern.

The Trick is Using Volumes of Fabric.  3 Yards Makes a Full, Flowy Drape.

4 Pieces.  Sew Each Piece Together.  2 Front.  2 Back.  Sew Up the Sides.

Gather the Waistband with Elastic.

Sew the Hem.



Sew with French Seams because Our Inspiration is From France.

And Because French Seams Look So Very Je Ne Sais Quoi.

And the Linen.  Rumpled Perfection.

Get Hit By a Few Ocean Sprays?  No Problem.


Sewing a Summer Wardrobe May Not be the Cheapest Way to Fill Your Closet.


But It Certainly Allows You To Own Your Look.

You Know What You Like.  You Hate to Settle.

Top with Tees.  White.  Simple Jewelry.

Related image


Take On the World.

One Big Bite at a Time.


 A Delightful Choice for the Royal Wedding.

I Couldn’t Be Any More Excited.  Even at 4AM.

The Queen.  A Prince.  The Royal Family.

And An American Princess.

Bold.  Proud.  Inspirational.  True.

An Electrifying Role Model.

The World is With You.

Sending All Good Wishes for a Beautiful, Magical Day.

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