Summer Travel – 5 Tips For Finding Your Soul Place

The First Long Weekend of Summer.

Are You Traveling?    Maybe This Trip You’ll Find Your Soul Place?

Or Perhaps You Already Have.

But What Exactly is a Soul Place?    And How Can You Tell When You’ve Found It?

I Was Curious and Checked With the Experts and This is What I Found…

5 Tips for Finding Your Soul Place


  1. YOU HAVE A STRONG EMOTIONAL REACTION TO A PLACE.   You have a profound sense of belonging to the place.   You have an intense longing to stay in the place and never leave.  It Could be Triggered by What You See or Even What You Smell.  You have an Immediate Connection to the Place, but No Recollection of Ever Having Been There Before.


2.  YOU WILL FEEL INSPIRED IN YOUR SOUL PLACE.  You May Want to Do Something Creative that Inspires You.


3.  YOU FEEL A UNITY WITH YOUR SURROUNDINGS IN YOUR SOUL PLACE.  You Feel Comfortable and You Immediately Feel At Home.



4.  YOU WILL FEEL A DEEP SENSE OF CONTENTMENT IN JUST BEING IN YOUR SOUL PLACE.  Seeing It, Breathing It In, Just Being There is All You Need.



5.  YOU FEEL AT PEACE IN YOUR SOUL PLACE.  You Have a Sense of Peace, Harmony, and Belonging.  You Feel as if You Are Finally Home.



I always assumed that My Soul Place was the Beach.

Robert Moses State Park on Fire Island.  New York.

And Then I Traveled to Brooklyn.


I Was a Kid Just Out of College.  I Traveled to Brooklyn for a Job Interview.

I Knew Nothing of Brooklyn.


But From the Moment I Got There, I Felt that I Had Come Home.

Inside It Felt Familiar.  The Smells, the Light, the Sounds.  It was Exhilarating.

And Comforting.

I Got the Job.  Moved to Brooklyn.  And Felt Completely At Home.

In a Place Vastly Different From Anything I Had Ever Known.

I Miss It, Even Today.

Brooklyn Was My Soul Place.

And I Have Found Others Too…London.  Gulf Coast of Florida.

I’ve Discovered that Trying to Make a Place a Soul Place Doesn’t Work.

For Me Non-Soul Places have been San Diego.  Puerto Rico.  Jamaica.

Actually, the List is Many.  And Random.

I’m Not Sure Why Soul Places can’t be Forced.  It Just Doesn’t Work Like That.

I Hope to Find Many More Places That Speak To Me.

Places That Welcome Me In and Invite Me to Stay.

Places That Feel Just Right.

Have You Found Your Soul Place?

A Place that Welcomes You In.  A Place that Speaks to You.

Sending Warmest Wishes For Happy Safe Travels This Summer.

Wherever You Set Sail.


I Know You’ll Find the Magic.


6 thoughts on “Summer Travel – 5 Tips For Finding Your Soul Place

  1. My soul place right now is to be anywhere with you, buddy – good post, btw, the lead picture is fine on my computer.

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