We Had a Peek at the Royal Wedding Gown All Along.

Before We Leave This, Can We Talk Wedding Gowns?

Oh Good.

Meghan Markle Gave Us a Hint of Her Gown Early On.

But Perhaps No One Was Looking.

Here.  For Her First Official Visit to Wales and Cardiff Castle.

WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Theory, $198

Black and White Check Jacket.  Structured.  Fitted.  Feminine.

With a Portrait Neckline to Focus on Her.  No Goop.  No Distractions.

And the Reveal of Her Wedding Dress.  Givenchy.

Image result for meghan markle wedding dress

I Love the Structure and Lines of the Gown.

Structured.  Fitted.  Feminine.

No Fuss.  No Tugging.  No Added Goop.

Image result for meghan markle wedding dress windsor castle

The Neckline to Focus on Her.  Glowing and Radiant.

And a Strong Steadfast Statement Against This Backdrop…

The Magnificent Lines of St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

Strong.  Steady.  Magical.

Related image

Givenchy’s Sketch.  Capture the Lines of a True Princess Gown.

A Princess of Today.  Strong.  Steady.  Magical.

And a Sketch of Windsor Castle.

Magical.  Fairy-tale.  For the Ages.

Image result for sketch of windsor castle

The Couple.   A Perfect Pairing.

No Overpowering.

Standing Together as Equal Partners in a Royal Union.

No Added Goop.

Real Can Be Magical.

And This is a Magic for the Ages.

Don’t You Agree?  🙂





3 thoughts on “We Had a Peek at the Royal Wedding Gown All Along.

  1. I especially love the sketches. It was well adapted. I could have used a few seed pearls in the bodice or waist but yes, I thought it beautiful and she wore it so well.

  2. She wore the dress. The dress didn’t wear her. That was my favorite part. And the simplicity of the dress allowed the diamonds to shine. To me the stark design was a bold, yet quiet, statement. So glad we enjoyed it all!

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