A Mom’s Very Special “Thank You”

The Pediatric Specialty Care Unit of a Hospital.

Care for Very Sick Kids.

Families Come Here Looking for Answers.

When Their Child is ill.


Teams of Medical Professionals Work to Make Magic.

Everyone is Involved, with an Eye on the Prize.

And the Child Pulls Through.



In the Midst of the Hustle and Bustle and Tears.

A Small Team Works a Special Magic Too.



A Loving Team Giving Support.  Following Close.  So Very Near.

Giving Support Outside of the Tests and Meds.  Beyond the Diagnosis and Prognosis.

This Team Gives Support for the Soul.


And Support for the Whole Family Unit.  Every Mom and Dad.

Every Brother.  Every Sister.  Grandparents Too.

This Team is Called “Child Life”.


One Year Ago We Found Ourselves Caught Up in the Craziness of the Hospital.

The Pediatric Specialty Care Clinic of UNM Hospital.



And It Was Cut-to-the-Bone Terrifying.


At First I Was So Caught Up with the Medical Teams, that I Poo Pooed Child Life.



But Faithfully, Each Day, Child Life Would Stop By to Say Hello.

And With As Much Grace As I Could Muster, My Response Was Always the Same.


Thank you.  But No, We Don’t Need a CD Player.

There is No Time to Pet a Dog.

Water Color Painting is Not an In-Bed Activity.



A Pizza Party with the Other Families from the Pediatric Unit?  No.  Thank You.

Bingo Games with Prizes?  No.

No.  Thank You.  But No.  We Have No Time for Play.






Is Anyone Listening?    When Does the Madness Stop?

I Had Plenty of Questions.  I Was Mad as Hell.

 Movie Night?  No.   

Arts & Crafts?  No.


And Then I Stopped and Looked and Really Saw What Child Life was Doing.

It Began Gently Enough with a Stuffed Bear.

After One Grueling Test, We Returned to the Room to Find a Bear Sitting on the Bed.

Her Eyes Lit Up.

Child Life Had Been Here.

Inside I Wept.

She Slept with the Bear.  Close to Her Heart.

She Held on Tight.


Pizza Night Came Next.  Finally after So Many Weeks, We Could Share Dinner Together.

All of Us.


We Talked of Our Day.  Of How Things Here Were Progressing.

For a Moment We Were a Family.  Together Like Always.

Like Before.    And We Held on Tight.

This Was One Year Ago.  But My Tears are Still Fresh.

My Heart Aches to Think About It.

But There are So Many Happy Tears Too.  Mixed with Tears of Thankfulness.

And Then, This Summer, an Invitation from Child Life…

A Baseball Game Sponsored by Child Life.

All the Family is Invited.

We Said Yes.  And Held On Tight.

Thank You, Child Life.

Thank You.

Child Life.  A Vital Member of the Care Team.

Working Hard.  Throwing It All In.

Over and Over.

Never Giving Up.

Trying Again and Again.

And Again.

Whatever It Takes.

No Matter How Trying It Gets.

Difficult?  Sure.  But Just Keep At It.

For However Long It Takes.


To Win.

Yes.  To Win!

Thank You for the Magic.

Thank You Child Life.

University of New Mexico Health Systems Child Life.

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