Adding Color to the World

I Did a Clay Sculpture.  A Lady Sitting on the Beach.

Shells in her Hand.   Facing the Sea.  Her Hair Flying Back.  Sunglasses.  Smiling.

“Beach Lady”

It Was to Be a Gift for a Favorite Neighbor Lady on a Milestone Birthday.

A Lady I’ve Known All My Life.  Her Daughter and I are Like Sisters.

I’m creating the sculpture in New Mexico.  The Lady is in Florida.

From Facebook Photos, I Was Sort Of Able to Craft Her Face.


I Found a Blurry Photo of My Mom Sitting on the Beach.   My Mom is the Body Model.



And I Came Up with This..

Clunky.  But I Think I Captured the Spirt of Beach Lady.

Everyone Who Sees Beach Lady Chuckles and Smiles.

When I Chatted with My Friend about Shipping Beach Lady, We Decided She’s Too Delicate to Ship.


“You Know, I Think the Sculpture Looks More Like Your Mother, Than Mine.”


And She Was Right.

So Beach Lady is Staying Put.   Maybe Now I Can Be Brave and Add Color.


Color Will Show How Happy She Is.  Color Can Do That.


Color Makes the World Happy.

Color is Happy.

Copper Hair.   Pink Sunburned Cheeks.

Purple with Red Dots Suit.  

Red Flip Flops.


Black Sunglasses.

No Fears with Color.

I Saw the Essence and Magic of Color from a Designer Who I Have Admired for Many Years.

Kate Spade.

Image result for kate spade bags

Kate Spade.

You Worked Color.  Loved Color.  Owned Color.

Magical, Magical Color.

I am So Sorry That You Couldn’t Hold On for One Moment More.

Image result for kate spade bags

I am So Sorry.

I Thought Color In The World Brings Happiness.

I Will Always Remember Your Brightest of Bright Light.

In Your Colorful World.

If You Feel You Can’t Hold On For One Moment More.

Please Call.

Image result for suicide phone number

Please Just Call.

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