Always. Finally. Thankfully. The Rain.

When Temperatures Reach 102.  Clear Sky in Cracking Blue,

You Can Be Sure the Rains Will Come.

They Do.  They Always Do.


When West Winds Blow Hot and Forests Burn,

Rain Seems Far Away,

We Pray the Rains Will Come.  As They Always Do.  But Rain is Still a Huge Concern.



Scorching Temps in the Sun,

And Barely Cool in the Shade,

But the Rains Will Come.  They Always Do.  Blistering Heat Be Gone, Be Done.


Rain  Come West.  Take Time to Stop Here.

Fires Need Dousing.

Air Must Be Wet and Cool and Clear.

And Then.  Finally.  Thankfully.   The Rain Began.


And the World Changed to Clear and Bright.

And Gloriously Wet.

All Shiny and Glossy and New.

Holding On to the Wetness.  To Drink Once More.

Thankful and Calm.  At Peace.


Rain Water Trumps Garden Hose Water the Pond Will Say.


Circle Patterns Delight Every Single Time.

Weeds Gain Strength.

Waters Ripple Moving On.

The Wetness is Tantalizing.


The Rain is So Fine.

Even Snails Say Hello.

As They Glide By the Rose.


A Foamy Delight.  Bricks Washed Clean.  Ever So Right.

We Search the Sky for Clouds to Cool the Scorching Earth.

We Know the Rains Will Come.  They Always Do.

Thankful for the Rains Mighty Worth.

A Rainy Saturday.  After Months…Yes, Months…of Dryness.

Finally. Thankfully.  Magic.

8 thoughts on “Always. Finally. Thankfully. The Rain.

  1. For us, yesterday, also rain. Finally. My pines are stressed, flowers that have always bloomed just withered away, one tree already gone. Saturday night i was away but got a text saying “there’s a small fire a couple of miles up from us. The firefighters are on it.” Another text about midnight saying it was all under control, wildfire crew would up there for the night. Sunday morning we woke to a solid day of drizzle.
    Whew. Thank Goodness.

    1. Yes. Thank Goodness. As the heat really kicks in without a cloud in sight, I begin to think that we may never see the rain. But then it comes. Those fires are scary. Even without seeing flames, the smoke is an even scarier deal. Stay safe, Nelson.

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