Did Your Mom Celebrate Birthdays Like This?

Miss Doodle 2 has an Affinity for Birthdays.  Always Has.

She Loves to Discuss Her Birthday All Year Long.

But in the End, She Wants To Celebrate It Exactly the Same.

A 6AM to 6PM Celebration.  Beginning At Home

A Kick Off 6AM Scavenger Hunt to Find All the Presents.

This Yearly Custom is that Your Birthday Age Equals the Number of Gifts You Receive.

In this Case, It’s Quantity.  Not Quality.


This Year, 13 Years = 13 Gifts.


Once She Is Asleep, the Decorating Begins.

 Poetic Clues Written and Sealed in Tiny Envelopes Ready to Hang from the Chandelier.

After We Unscramble the Tangled Mess.



Each Clue has Two Hints…What the Gift Is and the Location.



Hey Mom, Is This How Your Mom Celebrated Your Birthday???


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I Had the 1950s Leave It To Beaver Summer Birthday Party.  Kids from the Neighborhood Would Come Toting Gifts.  There were Party Games.  Goody Bags.  Pointy Party Hats.  Matching Party Paper Goods on the Picnic Table.  Out on the Deck.  Birthday Crown for the Party Girl.   Candles on a Home Made Cake.  Singing Happy Birthday.  Ice Cream.  Watermelon.  Gifts of Barbie Clothes and Accessories.

At Home.  Always the Same.  Always Nice.

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But Why Did I Think I Needed to Do More For My Own Girls?

Perhaps It’s Because We Don’t Live in a Classic Suburban Neighborhood Where Neighbor Kids Can Be Invited.  And We Don’t Have Family Members Close By.

It’s Really Just the 4 of Us.

Times are Different.   Today There are Party Event Spaces.  Jumping Gyms.  Rock Climbing.  Art Attack.  Spa Salons.  Princess Salons.  Water Parks.

All Interesting Options.

But She Has Made it Clear that She Really Wants to Share Her Birthday with Her Family.

At Home.

Just Like I Did…Now That I Think of It.  🙂

Guess That’s How We Came to Have the “6 to 6” Celebration.

Are You Game?  I’ll Put the Coffee On.  Strong.

5AM.  Mom is Up.

Birthday Today!

 Corn Muffins in the Oven.  20 Minutes.

It’s Time.

So This is What 13 Looks Like.

All Too Cute.

All for Her.

But Wait, Every Celebratory Tradition Must Have Party Donuts.

A Pot of Coffee Is Almost Just Enough.

And Now for the Scavenger Clues…Pace Yourself.  There’s 13.

Here’s a Sampling of the 13 Clues…


Clue 1

Mermaid Food and Fish Food in the Very Same Spot.

The Cats Open and Peek in Here a Frightfully Lot.

Answer:  Seaweed in a Kitchen Cabinet!

Clue 6

 Find a Cheesy Fake Beach to Sit and Have a Chat.

Next to a Fire.  With an Old Silly Cat.

Answer:  Macaroni and Cheese on the Banco!

Clue 12

Cluck, Cluck Cluck.   Spiders are Here.

Blue Door Locked.   Tiny House So Very Near.

Hmm…Outside?  The Presently Unoccupied Chicken Coop?

Clue 13

Open Me Up and You Will See…

A Present from Me and He and She.

Answer:  A Grown Up Bed!  Waiting In the Chicken Coop!

More Celebrating at 6 PM.  On To Dinner.

Buca Di Beppo.

  The Best Spot.  Dining In The Kitchen.  Almost Just Like Home.


Mama Mia.

Buca Does Birthdays Right.

Being in the Kitchen, You Get to Survey All the Dishes as They Glide Off to the Dining Room.

Apple Gorgonzola Salad.  Delicioso.

Spaghetti and Meatballs.  Of Course.

Birthday Singing Here is an Event.

Positively Magical.

From 6 to 6. 

A Celebration of Life.   A Birthday.

Almost Just Like Mom.

Is an Old School Scavenger Hunt in Your Celebration Repertoire?

 I Promise it will be Magical. 



5 thoughts on “Did Your Mom Celebrate Birthdays Like This?

  1. Celebrating as long and as much as possible…how right you are, Jeanie! Never wanting to miss one moment of this Wonderful Life. Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

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