Eat Local. Revitalize Downtown. Win/Win.

Summer Lunches at the Office.

A Good Time for a Stroll through the City.

And an Opportunity to Eat Local and Support a Local Business.

We Walk the Loop to the Tiny Market.

Finally, Downtown has a Market.

Silver Street Market.

On Silver.

For Office Workers and Downtown Inhabitants Alike.

We Support the Tiny Market.  It is the First Strategic Step Towards a Vibrant Downtown.

The Little Market Tries to Listen and Deliver.


I had No Idea All that Goes Into Revitalizing a Downtown.

It’s a Huge Endeavor but Thankfully Albuquerque is Moving in the Right Direction.

Perhaps a Tad Slow for My Taste, but Moving Forward Just the Same.


But What Does It Take to Revitalize Downtown????

Some of these 6 Strategies to Transform a Downtown May Surprise You…

Strategy #1 – Turn One Way Streets Into Two Way.

One Way Streets are great to channel traffic THROUGH downtown, but they are bad for pedestrian activity and retail opportunities.  Main Streets that sit in the core of small towns across the U.S. are almost always two-way streets. Right?

Strategy #2 – Establish Regularly Occurring Public Events that Showcase Downtown Merchants, Music and Food.

The Balloon Fiesta brings in World Travelers to Albuquerque.

An “Over the Edge” Fund Raiser.  Repelling from a 14-Story Building.

Support Local Restaurants for Unique Flair and Staying Power.

Strategy #3 – Open a Downtown Satellite Campus of a Local University.

University of New Mexico.

A Local High School Will Work Too.

Strategy #4 – Build a Streetcar line connecting Your Downtown to an Adjacent Urban Neighborhood.

Albuquerque to Santa Fe by Rail Runner.



Strategy #5 – Remove Parking Meters.

Make it easy to park downtown.

Strategy #6 – Bike Share Program.

Adds transportation choices within downtown.

And it’s Fun!


Now For Lunch.  Eating Local.

For Today’s Lunch, Little Chef is in Charge.

Lunch at the Office.


Her Menu is Always a Surprise.  Microwave Cooking is Her Specialty.

We Begin with An Appetizer of California Rolls.  Fresh from Silver Street Market.

Chips.  Packed from Home.  A Staple.  A Requirement.

Bagel Pizzas.  Frozen.  Microwave 2 Minutes.

Teriyaki Chicken Bowls.  Frozen.  Microwave 5 Minutes.

Ripe Sliced Peaches.  Silver Street Market.

June Strawberries.  Silver Street Market.

It’s a Bit of a Potpourri of Flavors.

But She is So Proud.

Revitalizing Downtown.  One Tiny Step at a Time.

And it Certainly Makes for a Magical Work Day.


2 thoughts on “Eat Local. Revitalize Downtown. Win/Win.

  1. Local revitalization requires everyone to be more consious of what’s in the old backyard – good post; good education

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