First Flight. We Have Take Off!

I Blinked.

I Tried Not To.  But I Blinked.

15 Years.  Poof.

15 Wonderful Years.  But Poof, Just the Same.

And Now She’s Off.  Across the Country.

For a Summer Leadership Program for Teens Interested in Medicine.


I Know that in Another Poof, She’ll Be Back.



But This Poof Will Have Enriched Her and Made Her Strong.

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And That’s As It Should Be.



A Strong Determined Young Woman.


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Photo by Ambassador Leadership


Home Will Be Here.


Prepared to Support Her in Whatever She Seeks.


Always There.


Go Out and Slay the World.


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Photo by Ambassador Leadership

We’re With You Every Step of the Way.

People Tried to Tell Me This Was One of the Hard Parts of Parenting.

I Guess I Didn’t Stop for a Moment to Listen.

I’m Going to FaceTime You Every Night.  Thanks, Mom.

Ahh…There’s the Magic.  🙂

14 thoughts on “First Flight. We Have Take Off!

    1. True words of experience…thank you, Jeanie. Now to figure out how to stop worrying and let it all unfold as it should. I’m not quite there yet. 🙂

  1. Hi Jeanne, I keep reading you and this posting touches me right to the heart. It’s so nice to see that your brave girl is doing better this summer. She’s interested in Medicine? She is talented and sensitive, good aptitudes for a doctor… She’ll find out if this is for her but no matter what she chooses, I wish her the best. Salutations to the whole family!

  2. We raised a strong daughter – she has survived a terrible ordeal – we have lots of love to give her – right on, Mama, we are a TEAM

    1. Hi Terri – It’s not so long ago that she was in Kindergarten always “pulling her clip” on a Friday because she was “done”…it has been a wonderful ride…glad you continue to be a part of it.

  3. It’s hard to let them go sometimes, isn’t it… Both our kids went to Immuris, Mexico for two summers to work in an orphanage there. We worried a little, but it was such a time of growth for both of them.

    1. What a wonderful experience for your kids, Calen…the goal is for them to grow…I just never factored in how hard that really is for the parents…but we’re all learning.

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