It’s So Hot You Could Fry Eggs on a Lexus!

Today’s Temperatures…103 Degrees F (39.4 degrees C).

You’ve Heard the Expression…It’s So Hot You Could Fry an Egg on the Sidewalk.

We Decided to Test the Theory.

So If It’s Hot Enough to Fry an Egg on the Sidewalk…

How About Frying Eggs on a Lexus?

On Top of the Office Parking Structure…Perfect.



We’re Taking Bets.  Can You Really Fry an Egg on the Back of a Lexus?


Come On Along.  We’ll Make Lunch!

First:  9:00 AM.  Frying Pan Positioned on the Back of a White Car.



I Have High, High Hopes.



Let’s Use a Splatter Guard to Keep the Pan Clean as It Heats Up.



Whee…It’s Hot Out Here Already.



Sun is Already Bearing Down.  Hard.



Now Back Inside the Office to Work.


While We Keep a Watchful Eye on the Pan.

Can You See the Pan?  That Dark Spot on the Back of the Car.


Noon.  Lunch.


Let’s Fry Some Eggs!



Out the Building and Up to the Parking Structure Roof.




Determined.  I Even Packed Bread and Salsa for Egg Sandwiches.



But Some Have Doubts.


Spatula Ready.



Eggs Cracked and Standing at Attention.


Sun at the Highest Peak Now.  All Bets In. 

Will This Work?


Some Sizzle.


A Bit More Sizzle.



Click on the Link to See and Hear the Magic…

Ready.  Set.  Sizzle!

Such Silliness.  🙂



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