Staying Safe in the Curves

The Local Amusement Park.

Not My Favorite Spot, But a Huge Hit With This Crowd.


For the Well-Planned, Full-On, Highly Anticipated Teen Birthday Celebration…Perfection.



Perhaps it was the Intense Summer Heat and Glaring Sun,



But Everywhere I Looked There Were Curves.



Beautiful, Warm, Curves.



Rocking Back and Forth.



Like All Consuming, All Nurturing, Comforting, Cradling Moms.



Maybe the Curves are the Comfort in this Frightening Place.



It’s Not the Speed or the Thrill that Makes This Special.



It’s the Warmth of Being Held Tight and Safe To Take On All the Craziness.



This World Would Be Unbearably Dangerous, Even Deadly, Without the Safety of the Curves of Mom.



Perhaps This is the Lesson on Amusement Parks.



A Child Must Be Strapped In Tight and Held Close By Mom.



Allow the Child to Learn the Lessons of the World Safe Within the Protection of Mom.



Let the Dangers Come.  The Child Will Be Safe and Strong in the Curve.



Until the Child is Prepared to Venture Forth.



Nothing Should Break the Bond of Mom and Child.



No Wall.   No Political Policy.



No Personal Agenda.



Is Anyone Listening?

5 thoughts on “Staying Safe in the Curves

  1. You went up on that? You are a braver soul than I! I love all the thought and nuance behind this post. It speaks of your big heart and the beauty of seeing all around you. And yes, no one should break the bond of mother and child. What’s happening is heartbreaking. Well said.

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