The Day the Wall Had a Suggestion

And I Listened.

The Wall Told Me It Was Tired.  Totally Unimpressed with Its Dressings.

Looking Quite Underwhelmed.  And Dull.

It Craved Interest and Excitement.



Nothing Long Term.

Just a Splash of Fleeting Something.  Fun.  Silly.



And in All Seriousness, the Wall Wanted to Reflect the Family That Sits in Its Space.



So We Obliged and Went to Work.

Dutifully Painting Canvases for the Dining Wall.



With Inspiration from Our Guys, Degas…



And Van Gogh.



Wow.  Not to Make an Understatement Here…But Wow…those Guys Could Sure Paint.



We Have a Ways to Go.


But We Paint With No Fears.  Painting with Big Splashes of Color.

Primary Colors.



Tempera Paints,   Red.  Green.  Blue.  Yellow.  White,

Tempera Forces You to Work Fast.  So We Did.



Filling the Wall in an Evening.


A Painting in 30 Minutes.



With Titles to Add Legitimacy to the Work.


“My Sister and I”


“A Fish”


No Mistakes Here.  

Working on Canvas Makes It All Real.

I had the Canvases.  I Like to Buy in Bulk.   Jerry’s Artarama is a Great Source and Cheap.



Hanging Each Canvas on a Tiny Nail.   Often Still Wet.  🙂



“Self Portrait”


“My Girls”


“View from the Office Window”


No Masterpieces.   Just Quick Color on a Canvas.


“Tess and a Book”


“Revised Lennon With a White Tip Nose”


School Art in the Summer.


In the Genre of Van Gogh.


The Wall is Pleased.

It Now Gets a Chuckle Whenever Anyone Walks By.

Nothing Serious.  The Wall Can Change Over and Over.

And for a Wall, that’s a Pretty Good Thing.



Perhaps You’re Ready for Some Down and Dirty Art of Your Own.

Your Wall Will Thank You.  🙂



8 thoughts on “The Day the Wall Had a Suggestion

  1. You never cease to amaze! I agree, living in your house must be fun … “The House of Love, Adventure, Creativity, Learning, Caring, Fun and some Nonsense” … I love it!

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