Too Hot to Breathe

 2 Full Weeks of 100 Degrees.  With No End in Sight.

Everyone and Everything is Melting.



We Have Some Ideas to Keep Out the Heat.  And Keep in the Cool.

Let’s Begin with Hair.

Try Washing Your Hair at Night Before Bed.  Braid It Wet.

Get Morning Waves to Mimic the Ocean that is Far Away.



Cool and Very Fun.


Stay Inside for Office Lunches.  Those Streets are Sizzling.

A Lunch Packed in Funky Packs Always Tastes Better.



Noodles Cooking on a Window Ledge.  In a Frosty Penguin.




Steamy Delight.


Micro Leftovers.  Serve with Summer Cantaloupe.


Too Hot to Cook for Dinner.  The Heat of the Day.

 112 in the Shade.

Let the Patio Café Do the Cooking.

Try Lettuce Wrap Tacos.   Healthy and Refreshing.



Sopapillas with Honey.  Pillow Plump Perfect.


Green Chile Stew.


Summer Barbecue.

Ribs with Corn on a Stick.  No Butter.  Steamed.


Or Ribs and Potato Salad.  Southern-Style.


Slow Cooked Baked Beans.  Not Boston-Style.


But When All Else Fails, Try a Nap in the Sink.

Stay Cool.

Always on the Look Out for Summer Magic.

6 thoughts on “Too Hot to Breathe

  1. Okay, I’ll have the ramen noodles, the sopapilla and the baked beans. Then I will crawl into the sink with the cat … make that the bathtub!

  2. The cat in the sink is hilarious. Our Twitch prefers the bathtub. Must be cooler! Green chili stew… Do you have a recipe for that? And what’s with the “Noodles Cooking on a Window Ledge?” Seriously? You can do that?

    1. Thankfully it’s not hot enough inside to cook noodles on the ledge…a hot pot in the office works for that…no recipe for green chile stew but I should have one since it is everyone’s favorite…except me. The main ingredients are pork, potatoes, chicken broth and green chile…oh and maybe tomatoes. Hmm…guess that’s my next quest. 🙂

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