When Kids Travel Solo

Are You in the Kids-Summer Traveling-Solo Boat???

A Tad Scary, Right?


I Suspect “Plan” will be Engraved on my Headstone.  A Sobering Thought.


But it’s True.

The best way to deal with Kids traveling Solo is to Plan the Trip.

Beginning.  Middle.  End.

All the Luggage Choices.  Clothing Options.  Electronics.  Essentials.

And Make Sure The Kids are Involved in the Planning.  🙂


First on the List.  Select the Airline.

When at all possible, NON-STOP FLIGHTS are Best.

In Fact, Most Airlines Require It for Kids Traveling Solo.

Most Airlines Comply with the Unaccompanied Minor Program…

The Unaccompanied Minor Program is required for all children 5-14 years old when not traveling in the same compartment with an adult who is at least 18 years old or the child’s parent/legal guardian.

The program is optional for children 15-17 years old.

The Children 15 to 17 Option Means that for Teens Traveling Solo, They are On Their Own.



No Airline Personnel to Hold Their Hands.  No One to Place a Name Tag Lanyard Around Their Neck.

“I’m Good With That, Mom.”


But There are Some Safeguards in Place to Make for Happy Travels.

And Peace of Mind for Those Back at Home.

For All Children flying Solo, the Parent/Guardian, must Check in with the Child at the Ticket Counter and Get Authorization to go through Security with the Child.



What About What Luggage to Juggle/Carry/Wrestle With?

Depending on the Length of the Stay, CARRY ON works best.

Easy Rolling through the Terminals.

For an Extended Stay, 1 Checked Bag and 1 Carry-On Can work too.

The Solo Travelers Just Have to Remember to Get the Bag at the Baggage Claim.

Yes, I’m already worrying…but just a bit.



So Your Child is Safely On the Plane and Take Off…

Arrangements for Pick Up at the Destination with Names and Locations is Imperative.

Name Tags on Lanyards for the Child and the Destination Pick Up Adult is a Great Idea.



Balloons Can Work Too.

Plan Ahead So the Child knows All the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How’s of the Door to Door Travel.

Plan.  Plan.  Plan.

The Carry-On Bag…All Essentials Go Here.

ID Card.  Passport.  Travel Papers.  Itinerary.

Safe in an Envelope.

Medication.  Labeled with Your Child’s Name.

Electronics.   Phone.  Laptop.  iPad.

Travel in Layers.  Pack a Light Jacket or Long Sleeve Shirt in the Carry On.

Small Size Toiletries for Security Scrutiny.

Snacks.  Small Packable Quilt.  Pen.  Notebook.

When In Doubt, Keep It Simple.

And Keep it Lighter than the School Year Back Pack….If Possible.


Also…A List of All Contact People for Home and the Destination.

Contacts Should Be in the Phone and Also Written in a Notebook.



This Will Be a Summer Filled with New Adventures.

Solo Travel to All the Action.

A First Step Towards Fulfilling Life Goals.

And It Will Be Fun.

It Begins with the Planning.    And Ends with Life Experiences that Fill the Soul.

I Just Wish It Didn’t Frighten the BaGeeBees Out of Me.

Another Mom-Right-of-Passage on the Long Illustrative Road of Motherhood.

We’ll All Get There and Back in One Piece.

And Be the Better For Having Gone Through It.

Happy Travels!

Love Ms. BaGeeBees. 🙂



2 thoughts on “When Kids Travel Solo

  1. I will never forget the first time Aimee flew home from school in Florida, and she was 18, did not matter. I was so nervous that she would screw up some how. When she came thru the gate I started crying like she had been away for 6 years, it was 6 weeks! I can laugh at it now, but I remember how hard it was. It is challenging for you all but the reward will be great!

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