A Dream Restaurant. A Magical Moment. Cold Coffee.

Do You Have a Dream Restaurant?

One that Hits All Your High Points…

Fabulous Menu…Excellent Service…Good Value…With Atmosphere and Views.

Elegant Dining?  For Me…No.

For Me, it’s All About a Relaxed, Fun Spot with Views for Days.

I Found It.  The Fishery.  In Placida, Florida.   Right on the Gulf.



It Doesn’t Look Like Much from the Outside.  A Bit Rough Around the Edges.



But the Food Here is Local.  Fresh.  And Good Value.


Sitting on the Gulf, The Fishery is a Stellar Experience.

We Dined Early Evening.  With Dear Friends.

As We Ordered, Summer Rain Clouds Rolled In.

It was Cozy and Snug Inside.



 Just as Quickly, the Clouds Moved On.  The Sea Turned to Rippled Glass.


A Perfect Evening.  

Quite Magical.

 Coffee and Dessert is Ordered.

I’ll Be Back in Just a Moment.  Yes.  Coffee Please.

I Want to Take a Quick Stroll Down that Dock.


At Home, I Dream of Walks on Fishing Docks at Sunset.



And Here It Is.  A Snippet from My Dreams.  In Real Time.



The World Is Soft and Silent.   Perfectly Still.



The Air is Filled with the Softest Pinks and Blues and Violets.



The Pull to Walk Down this Dock is Overwhelming.



Coffee and Dessert Can Wait.


I’ll Stop Talking.   Let’s Walk Together.






Florida Embraced by an iPhone.


A Quick Look Back at The Fishery.  The Coffee is Getting Cold.


Let’s Continue On.   Just a Bit More.  Maybe We’ll See Dolphins.


I Can’t Stop Clicking Photos.


I Want To Hold On To Every Shot.



A Painter’s Inspiration.



A Sailor’s Delight.



Magical Moments.



The Fishery is a Tiny Blip Now.


One More Moment.



The Sun is Slipping Behind the Mangrove Forest.



Time to Go Back.  One Last Look. 



Yes.  The Fishery.  A Perfect Spot.  A Stellar Meal.

Cold Coffee.  But No Matter.

So Glad To Share with You a Wonderful Sip of Magic.

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