A Hot Tip To Navigate Universal Studios Orlando

Finding Harry Potter.

At Universal Studios Orlando.  Summer in Florida.


Tickets are Pricey.  Yes.  But We Just Have to Do This(!)

According to the Girls.

We Left the Vacation House Early, Early and Hit Orlando as the Haze was Lifting.

It is Already Steamy.

This, My Friends, Is Humidity So Thick You Can See It.



We Get to Universal Studios Right On Time.  Just As the Gates Open.



The Sun is Bearing Down but We’re Ready.

Keep Hydrated.  Sunscreen On.  Good Walking Sandals.

Want to Know the Tip on How to Beat the Crowds at Universal Studios Orlando?


Once through the Gates to Universal’s Islands of Adventure, at the Fork in the Path, Go to the LEFT…Not Right.

Everyone Will Go to the RIGHT to Hit Harry Potter First.



By Going LEFT you Get on All the Action Rides First, Wait Free. 

As You Wind Through Marvel Comics, You are Making Your Way to Harry Potter. 

Those First-In-the-Gate Visitors Who Went RIGHT, Should Be Leaving Harry Potter, Just As You Arrive.

Harry Potter Should be Crowd-Free.  In Theory.

And We’re Off.



Croissants and Coffee in Our Bellies.  Only Blue Skies Ahead.



We are First on The Incredible Hulk Coaster.  No Wait.




Them.  Not Me.



I Mean, Really…Look at This Thing.  Twists.  Turns.  Hanging Upside Down.

And Hurtling Fast.



And What, Pray Tell, are the Nets For???



Next Up.  Storm Force Accelatron.



Like the Dainty Disney Teacups on Steroids.



Doctor Doom’s Fear Fall.  A Free Fall Drop.  Thank you.  No.



The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man.

This Was a Fun One.  With Bumps, Jostles, and Green Screen Imagery.

Love Flying with Spider-Man.



My All-Time Favorite, Brenda Starr, on Top of Comic Strip Café.



Ahh Brenda…So Insightful.  We Still Need You So.


Image result for brenda starr wedding dress


Making Our Way to Harry Potter along the Loop.



Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls.   A Pass.  Wait Times are Increasing.



A Stop at Skull Island.  Reign of Kong.




And Jurassic Park.  This Never Ends Well.



And Finally…A First Peek at  Hogwarts Castle.  There!  Just Above the Trees.



The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.



We Begin in Hogsmeade.



A Backwards Approach, but No Matter.



Butterbeer Stands Dot the Village.  A Refreshing Cream Soda Frosty.

Do Beware the Brain Freeze.



The Frog Choir.  Enchanting.



Entrance to Hogwarts.



The Magical Moment Has Arrived.


The Line Goes Fast.  



 We Wait in Line Behind Some Hogwarts’ Students and Their Muggle Dad.  Cute.





Step Inside the Cool of the Castle.


 Somber.  Impressive.





The Magical Talking Paintings in the Great Hall.


Discussing the Upcoming Quidditch Match.


Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.  A Thrill Ride.

Emphasis on Thrill.  Strapped in.  Sometimes Almost Hanging Upside Down.

  For Me, this one is Stomach-Churning.  I Closed My Eyes the Entire Time.

Didn’t Even Peek.

Sorry.  Certainly No Photos.  But the Girls Were Thrilled.



King’s Cross Station.  The Hogwarts Express.



Track 9 3/4.




Stop for a Bite at the Leaky Cauldron.




Substantial British Fare.

Delicious Scotch Eggs.


Bangers and Mash.  Enough for Two.



Diagon Alley.  It’s All About the Details.



Gringott’s Bank at the Top of the Street.




Ollivanders.  Shop for an Interactive Wand.



It Certainly Looks Like Harry Potter’s World, but I Daresay England Could Never Be this Hot and Humid.



A Magic Spell and a Wand Can Bring Lovely Cool Rain.




The Spell Works!


Missed the Dragon Fire.  But She is Still Impressive Up on the Tip Top of Gringotts.


The Weasley’s Joke Shoppe in Diagon Alley.



And the Essence of Diagon Alley.

Borgin and Burkes.

Dark and Sinister.

Miss Doodle purchased a Cell Phone Cover with the Voldemort Dark Mark.



And Then My iPhone Died for the Day.

The End.  🙂

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5 thoughts on “A Hot Tip To Navigate Universal Studios Orlando

  1. Great pictures! I have seen Florida humidity just like that ….pheh! Looks like a really great place (I’ve been to the one in LA years and years ago!). I wouldn’t get on any of the rides there, or anywhere else because they scare me, but I’m sure the girls loved it! Glad you all are having such a great time!

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