A Simple Fix When Missing the Sea

July 4th, for Me, was Always, Always at the Ocean.  Fire Island, Long Island.


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Crack of Dawn Morning till Dark.   3 Meals.  With the Entire Extended Family


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Tons of Sun.  Running with Sparklers Along the Shore at Day’s End.


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New Mexico Doesn’t Offer the Same Perks.



So When Missing the Sea…We Check Out the Local Aquarium for a Hit of Sea Life.

The Albuquerque BioPark.



Eating Lunch with the Sea Turtles, Sea Bass and Sharks.

At the Shark Reef Café.



Visiting the New Exhibit of River Otters.



The Otters’ Underwater Viewing Spot.

Too Bad We Missed Them.  They Were Tucked Away for the Day.



An Old Shrimp Boat from the Gulf.



Smelling the Sea Air.



We Live Only Minutes Away…But a Visit is Always Magical.


In Awe of the Magic.





Celebrating Together.


Wonderful Magic.  Mixed with Some Silly.


And a Quick Hop to Home.


Yes.  Magic.

3 thoughts on “A Simple Fix When Missing the Sea

  1. It looks like a good one to me!

    My email replies to you are bouncing back so I don’t know if you changed your address or if I am putting it in wrong but I just wanted to let you know I’ve appreciated your visits to my blog!

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