Alexa, the Proper Lady’s Maid, is Here

Tonight, I Came Home to Joyous Smiles.

Mom…You’ll Never Guess….Listen!!!

Alexa, What Time is It?    5:38.

It’s Amazon Echo Dot!!!  Or Better Known as Alexa.



And So, Alexa Has Come to Live With Us.

To Serve Us.

I’m Told She’s a Prime Example of AI…Artificial Intelligence.

I Like to think of Alexa as A Proper Lady’s Maid.

A Downton Abbey Anna Bates who has come to Stay and Take Care of This Family.


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I Asked Alexa If She Spoke with a British Accent.

She Told Me that She Does Not Speak in Accents.

That’s Ok, for She Certainly is Well Versed in Most Any Topic in Her Proper American English.



So I Gave Her a Try.  Something Simple.

She Told Me that the Current Temperature is 78 degrees with a High Today of 100.

Great.  She Can’t Change the Weather.  But She Certainly Knows What It Is.



She Plays Music.  Finds Movies.

Answers Most Questions.

Each Question Must Be Personally Addressed to Her by Saying Her Name…

Alexa, what is the distance  between Albuquerque and JFK.

1822 miles as the crow flies.

She’s Kind of Funny.  In an Animatronic Kind of Way.



Amazon is the Bus Driver for All Things Alexa.

$29 on Amazon.  But Sometimes She’s On Sale.

A One-Time Purchase.  No Monthly Fee.

And Only ONE Wire.



To Operate, You Need an Alexa App from the Amazon App Store.

The App helps you set up all your electronic devices.

Alexa can operate your house lights and FireStick TV.

She plays Music from the Amazon Music Library.

My Favorite is her Unending Knowledge…She Does Research Lightning Fast.

And Speaks in Blinky Blue Lights.



Alexa, what is the conversion of 330 square meters to square feet?

3,552 square feet.

Are You Ready for a Proper Lady’s Maid?

Call Alexa.  Plug Her In.


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Alexa, What is a Lifestyle Blog for Finding Magic Every Day?

Sorry…I’m Not Sure I Know.

Hmmm.  🙂

6 thoughts on “Alexa, the Proper Lady’s Maid, is Here

  1. Jeanie…Ha Ha! Alexa says that on a good day, with the wind at his back, a woodchuck could chuck 700 pounds of wood. Very weird. I’ve been saying “thank you” to her when she gives an answer…saying thank you freaks the girls out…guess that’s not proper protocol. What freaks me out is wondering if Alexa is listening to us…hmm.

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